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“The Millennium”
by Grant Phillips   
October 22nd, 2012

The thousand year reign of Christ upon the earth is something I long to see. I can hardly wait until the time when Jesus shows one and all how the earth should be ruled.

Satan has tried for millennia to accomplish this and has always failed. He will make one last effort with the Antichrist, but the Bible tells us that he will fail again. He won’t be around to see Christ rule the earth, but we who belong to Him will be here, and what a day that will be. Jesus will let Satan loose after the thousand years is complete, but just long enough for him to lead a rebellion and meet his final judgment in the Lake of Fire.

The various rulers of this current world rule their countries in whatever un-Godly fashion they choose, but those days will be no more during the Millennium. In this country, for example, there will be no liberal elite who blaspheme and get away with it. Justice will be meted out the only way it should be, by God Himself.

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