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“Israel's Surrender”
April 1st, 2007

The recent "Arab Summit" in Riyadh approved a peace plan that is in reality a call for Israel’s surrender. The plan calls for a Palestinian state with Israel’s withdrawal from the West Bank and with East Jerusalem as its capital. It also calls for the return of millions of Palestinian refugees to the heart of Israel, which would mean Israel’s demographic and military demise. The Arabs have stated that no amendments will be accepted, the alternative is war. The US administration seems to be indicating that it will accept this plan without amendments. The US seems ready to sacrifice Israel to get help in Iraq. The whole world is pressuring Israel to accede. Israel’s P.M. Olmert is dithering, which is making the Arabs bolder by the hour. Now for the first time the Arab world from North Africa to Saudi Arabia to Iran is closing ranks in unprecedented unity.

At the same time there are incredible preparations for war going on by all sides, including Israel, US, Syria, Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas. Iran seems poised to obtain nuclear weapons, putting further pressure on Israel and the US to do something about it. Could there be another near cataclysmic war before the false peace treaty is signed, could this scenario be preparation for the war of Ezekiel 38 & 39 which will take place after the peace treaty is signed.

It is impossible to know the details of how this end time scenario will unfold.

This situation has climactic written all over it, the steam is building and there seems certain to be an explosion in the not too distant future.

Look up! Listen for the Sound of the trumpet!

In the meantime, if America sells out Israel, watch for the consequences.

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