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“Three Coming Crises”
by Art Sadlier   
August 1st, 2012

There is such a thing as crisis fatigue. When a crisis situation continues for a lengthy period of time we often lose the sense of urgency about the issue. I believe we see crisis fatigue in our world at this very hour. There are so many pending catastrophes that have been pressed upon us, and these issues have continued unresolved over a long period of time; as a result we have come to accept them as just something we can seem to do nothing about and we resolve not to worry about them any longer.

I suspect that in Noah’s day the people that heard him preach about a coming catastrophic flood soon succumbed to crisis fatigue. Perhaps five years or five weeks after Noah began to warn of the coming flood the people lost any sense of urgency about dealing with the issue.

The same was probably true in Jeremiah’s day, Jeremiah preached of coming judgment for 42 years. Long before that judgment came the hearts of those Israeli’s were hardened as crisis fatigue set in.

Week after week I warn of coming judgment, often I go over the same ground and give updates on issues previously dealt with. We are as believers are commanded to watch, to wait and to be ready for our Lord’s coming. I dare not become weary in sounding the trumpet and issuing the warning and, my believer friend, you also must not succumb to crisis fatigue. Each new day we need to look for His coming with renewed excitement. Each new development should heighten our desire and our anticipation of His call to come up.

I see three pending crises in our world that are developing and these crises are harbingers of our soon coming departure for the glories of our heavenly home. What believer is there among us who is not excited about such a pending prospect?

The first crisis involves Europe

The following news item from Reuters highlights the pending crisis in Europe: “Over the past couple of years, Europe has muddled through a long series of crunch moments in its debt crisis, but this September is shaping up as a "make-or-break" month as policymakers run desperately short of options to save the common currency.”

"September will undoubtedly be the crunch time," one senior euro zone policymaker said.

In September a German court is expected to make a ruling that could neuter the new euro zone rescue fund. In September Dutch elections take place, with a possible anti-bailout Dutch vote in the elections just as Greece tries to renegotiate its financial lifeline which could be disastrous for Greece.

On top of that, the euro zone has to figure out how to help its next wobbling dominoes, Spain and Italy, or what do if one or both were to topple.

"In nearly 20 years of dealing with EU issues, I've never known a state of affairs like we are in now" one euro zone diplomat said this week. "It really is a very, very difficult fix and it's far from certain that we'll be able to find the right way out of it."

Since the crisis erupted in January 2010, the euro zone has had to rescue relative minnows in Greece, Ireland and Portugal as they lost the ability to fund their budget deficits and debt obligations by borrowing commercially at affordable rates.

Now two much larger economies are in the firing line and policymakers must consider ever more radical solutions.

If Spain, the euro zone's fourth biggest economy and the world's 12th, loses affordable market financing the next domino at risk of falling is Italy, the euro zone's third biggest economy and a member of the G7 group of big wealthy nations.

A bailout of Spain would probably be double that of Greece, Ireland and Portugal combined, while Italy's economy is twice as large as Spain's again.

The euro zone does not seem to have enough cash in the current setup to deal with a scenario of Spain and Italy needing a rescue, and a sense of doom is growing among some policymakers. Fighting the crisis, said the euro zone diplomat, is like trying to keep a life raft above water.

"For two years we've been pumping up the life raft, taking decisions that fill it with just enough air to keep it afloat even though it has a leak," the diplomat said. "But now the leak has got so big that we can't pump air into the raft quickly enough to keep it afloat."

It seems that the EU has been fighting a delaying action that must ultimately come to a head.

We have said before what many are saying: the crisis in Europe has been engineered to ultimately cause the proud independent nations of Europe to surrender their economic sovereignty. This will lay the groundwork for the coming revived Roman Empire which will be controlled by Antichrist.

The creation of the euro as a common currency for independent nations was a deliberately flawed concept. There must be of necessity a central planning authority to control the budget for a common currency. There are those who believe that the ultimate purpose for the euro was to bring about failure and that would drive the European countries into a union of federated states.

We are watching Europe being set up for the establishment of a federation of nations which Daniel foretold 2500 years ago and which John described in the book of Revelation. The hour is late!

The Second Crisis involves Iran

On August 3, debkafile reported that “October is looming larger than ever as the likely date for an attack on Iran.”

On July 27, just before Friday prayers, Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei summoned top Iranian military chiefs for what he called "their last war council." "We'll be at war within weeks," he told the gathering. Each of the participants was tapped to report on the readiness of his branch or sector for shouldering its contingency mission.

The six nations that have been trying to negotiate an end to Iran’s nuclear program are reluctant to admit that Iran has used the time to refine uranium up to 30-percent grade or even a higher and go into advanced preparations for 65 percent grade enrichment. Now the Iranians are well on the way to an 80-90 percent weapons grade.

Iran has launched a crash mega-fortification program for sheathing in steel and concrete nuclear facilities whose transfer to underground “immune zones” for escaping bombardment would be too costly, cumbersome and time consuming.

Debkafile reports: “An army of thousands of Iranian military engineers and strong-backed workmen are using heavy earth-moving equipment and working around the clock to ‘bury’ the nuclear facilities under mountains of large boulders fortified with steel rods and plates and filled with tons of reinforced concrete.”

This has created a dilemma for Obama. He must decide to attack very soon or delay his attack which would make it necessary to use tactical nuclear weapons when he does strike.

US and Israeli intelligence experts agree that Iran will be able to produce dirty bombs within three months, ready to hand out to the terrorist networks run by the Revolutionary Guards external clandestine arm, the Al Quds Brigades. They are designed for use in time of war against Israelis abroad and Americans in the Persian Gulf and Middle East. Israel fears these radioactive bombs will find their way to Tehran’s surrogates, the Lebanese Hezbollah or the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

There is another possibility that Iran may decide to go to the breakout stage now, and begin enriching to weapons grade uranium levels. If this happens there is nothing that will stop Israel from striking Iran immediately.

Another event took place last week that has moved Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to openly reaffirm his determination to eliminate the Iranian threat. Last week Iranian President Ahmadinejad called for world forces to annihilate Israel. Prime Minster Netanyahu responded, “This anti-Semitic tirade should serve as a ‘wake-up call’ and erode any doubts in the world as to the ‘true character of the Iranian government.’ “

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Tuesday, July 31, "The ayatollahs have inscribed Israel's destruction on their banner" and stressed his personal commitment "not to permit Israel to come under Iranian atomic threat."

In an unprecedented, largely ignored, national address by Iran’s supreme leader we have a most alarming statement. On Friday, July 6; a number of Iranian state-run media outlets ran stories highlighting remarks by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. In his address Khamenei warned his people all over the world that Iran must prepare for war and that we are now living in “the end of times.”

More specifically, Khamenei warned of the imminent return of the Mahdi, or the 12th imam. “The issue of Imam Mahdi is of utmost importance, and his reappearance has been clearly stated in our holy religion of Islam,” he said. “We must study and remind ourselves of the end of times and Imam Mahdi’s era. We must prepare the environment for the coming so that the great leader will come.”

We know that they believe that a world war will be the environment that will cause the Mahdi to return.

The flames of an unprecedented war are being fanned in the Mideast. This will be a war unlike anything the world has ever seen before. I believe that out of that conflagration the war of Psalm 83 will emerge.

I am reminded of the WW2 story of a little boy in Croydon England coming home from school at lunchtime. German bombs had damaged the town hall clock. As he passed the town square the clock began to strike the noon hour. As he often did, he counted the gongs of the clock, 1-2-3----9-10-11-12- 13. He ran home as fast as he could and burst into the kitchen with the words “mommy, mommy it is later than it has ever been before!”

Friends, Jesus is coming, we do not know exactly when but we know it is nearer than it has ever been before.

The Third Crisis Involves America

As we have said many times, America is not involved in end time prophecy. The fact is that today America is in the way of the unfolding of end time prophecy. American power, both militarily and economically, is the dominating and controlling force in the world today. We can only conclude that America must be neutralized; she must be set aside to allow prophetic events to unfold.

America has turned away from God and the tremendous moral and spiritual truth she has been endowed with. America is more deserving of the judgment of God than any other nation in history ever has because America has known more of the truth of God than any other nation in history. Even Israel never had the full orbed gospel truth that America has known and turned away from.

The following is just a sample of some of the news reports and commentary that are bombarding Americans in this present hour.

“The U.S. is facing ‘an economic collapse’ because of massive tax increases scheduled for January 1, and continued deficit spending for years on end, according to former Reagan adviser Arthur Laffer.” He continued, “The breadth of what will hit the country is extraordinary.”

One crisis follows another; the latest is the drought that has hit America. Corn and soybeans in the U.S. Midwest baked in an unrelenting heat wave this week with fears rising of big crop losses that will boost food and fuel prices and cut exports and aid from the world’s top shipper of these key crops.

Warnings are multiplying every day. The latest is from Senator Lieberman who has stated “The threat of a cyber-attack is extremely dire, I am literally worried that an attack could be imminent. We know that countries like China, Russia and Iran are constantly probing our cyber networks, both government and private, and both civilian and defense.”

Leon Panetta, the Secretary of Defense, has recently stated that he’s convinced that the next Pearl Harbor - like attack on America will be launched from cyber space and there are some countries out there that are prepared and have the capability to do it now. We know that such an attack has the potential to destroy much of the infrastructure of America.

Add to that the threat of an EMP attack that could turn America into a third world country overnight.

The following are excerpts from a recent commentary on America.

“The conditions are certainly ripe for civil unrest in this country. A multitude of recent polls and surveys have shown that Americans are angrier and more frustrated than ever. America is more divided today than at any other time since the Civil War era.”

“The left absolutely hates Mitt Romney and the Republicans, and the right absolutely hates Barack Obama and the Democrats. This country is a boiling cauldron of hatred and anger and all it is going to take is just the right ‘spark’ to cause all of this hatred and anger to absolutely explode. The conditions are definitely right for America to be absolutely torn apart if the ‘perfect controversy’ comes rolling along. If the results of the coming election are indecisive will the country be able to cope with it?”

“President Barack Obama's campaign has recruited a legion of lawyers to be on standby for this year's election as legal disputes surrounding the voting process escalate. Thousands of attorneys and support staffers have agreed to aid in the effort, providing a mass of legal support that appears to be unrivaled by Republicans or precedent. If, in a close election Obama refuses to give up the presidency, how will Americans respond?”

“There are some extraordinary powers that the President would be given if Barack Obama decided that ‘national security’ required it, they are listed here.”

  1. The Secretary of Defense has power over all water resources;
  2. The Secretary of Commerce has power over all material services and facilities, including construction materials;
  3. The Secretary of Transportation has power over all forms of civilian transportation;
  4. The Secretary of Agriculture has power over food resources and facilities, livestock plant health resources, and the domestic distribution of farm equipment;
  5. The Secretary of Health and Human Services has power over all health resources;
  6. The Secretary of Energy has power over all forms of energy.

“According to this executive order, a national emergency is not even required to activate these powers. If Barack Obama decides that there is a threat to "national security" he could activate these powers at any time. The ground work has been laid for a quick transition to a dictatorship. The scary thing is that the mainline media are on board Obama’s wagon.”

There are so many potential disasters that could engulf America. We do not wish disaster for America but the signs of coming judgment are everywhere.

In the wider arena we see an increase in earthquakes, natural disasters and storms. We see climate change and droughts not brought on by the actions of men, but coming, we believe, from the hand of God. We have wars and rumours of wars. We see unprecedented violence in every corner of the world.

Jesus said, “And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh” (Luke 21:28).

Paul said, “But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief” (1 Thessalonians 5:4).

How then should we live?

As followers of Christ we have been given a limited time frame in our life in this world to glorify God in a unique situation in which we are under the constraints of living in the environment of Satan’s kingdom. This is a God-given opportunity to live by faith in our Lord. When our life is over or when the trumpet sounds that unique opportunity will be forever gone. We need to live flat out every moment to please and glorify God while we have life and breath. Every moment is precious. This present life is our only opportunity to win eternal rewards.            

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