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“Asking the Father in Secret”
by Greg Gordon - Editor of Old Paths Magazine   
July 4th, 2012

Never in the history of Christianity [have so many preachers used their sermons to beg] for money. Is God broke? God says "blessed are the poor," we say in our twisted days "blessed are the rich." God says "godliness with contentment is great gain," we say in our materialistic age "godliness is great financial gain!" As I am writing this article there are 1000s of T.V. preachers begging for money. There are 10,000s of people opening envelopes and emails [from] ministries pleading for financial support. What a travesty that the first impression of the mind of unbelievers in North America is that Christianity is about money.

I admit personally in my life and ministry there were times where I asked for financial support and went against my conscience in that matter. I do believe there is reason and balance and it will vary from ministry to ministry of making some need known. But I do feel the best and most excellent way is to serve God and ask the Father in secret for your needs


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