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“Crisis in Contemporay Music”
by Art Sadlier   
February 1st, 2012

Pop music is totally depraved and ascends right out of the pit of hell. It is filled with vulgar lyrics, profanity and vile sexual perversion. One secular writer "2011 saw so much boundary-breaking in pop that the lines seem forever pulled down."

Powers stated, “There were top 100 pop songs about sex addiction.” She documents the indescribable vileness and sexual perversion that is a part of the current pop music scene.

Those who embrace Christian Rock Music are imbibing of music from the same source. Though the lyrics maybe changed, the beat is of the same sensual source. Christian contemporary music baptises the music of the world and of the devil and brings it into the lives of Christians and into the Church.

Christian contemporary music creates a desire and an appetite for the rock music of the world. The vileness and lewdness of rock music is forever impressed upon the walls of the mind and the souls of those who hear it.

Satan is waging a battle to control the thought life of teenagers. The typical teenager listens to an average of 10,500 hours of rock music from the seventh to the tenth grade. That’s only 500 hours shy of all the time he/she spends in school from first through twelfth grade!

Do you have any idea of the fatalism that is bombarding the airwaves everyday into young people’s heads? The National Education Association estimates that a percentage of the thousands of teenage suicides we have every year are caused by the fatalistic music of today’s youth. Somebody has said, “You let me write the songs that a nation sings, and I don’t care who makes its laws.”

Christian moms and dads, this message is addressed to you. Many parents are unaware of the music their children are listening to; their souls are being poisoned behind your back.  You are the stewards that God has designated to care for the souls of His children. You cannot say I want my children to have the freedom to choose their own way, God is holding you accountable for them.

If you do not control the music of your children in this day and hour, you will lose them and their souls will be lost. The task is not only to prohibit but fill the vacuum with that which will satisfy the souls of your kids. This task will involve a great deal of effort. It will involve immersing them in music which will glorify God and bless the souls of your family. That will be a major endeavour which will cost you in time and in resources. It will also involve your control over the choice of your children’s friends. You will need the wisdom of God and the supply of His grace, but you can succeed.

If you are attending a church that has drums and guitars leave that church as fast as your feet can run. If they have not succumbed to contemporary music as yet, they will still create a desire in your kids for drums and guitars which will lead inevitably to contemporary music.

Those pastors who are bringing contemporary music into their churches are being deceived by the world and the devil. It is true that if you want to fill your church you can do it by bringing in the drums and guitars; you will soon end up with the world’s music in the church. You can then write over the door the word “Ichabod,” the Spirit of the Lord is departed, to be replaced by the spirit of the world. You will have a great crowd and be very popular, but you are no longer God’s servant. You have become the servant of the devil.

We need to be aware of lateness of the hour in which we are now living. Sodom was destroyed in the fires of God's judgment, because of its sensuality, only to be reborn in our present day culture, the fire will fall again. God is not mocked, He will ultimately judge sin

Please do not write me to defend guitars and drums and contemporary Christian music. I recognize that drums and guitars are not inherently evil. They may be fine for classical music or martial music or other forms of music, but the truth is that they are at the core of today’s pop rock music which is the essence of contemporary Christian music. The guitars and drums provide the sensual beat that creates sensual music, which is devastating to the soul.

The first rock concert is recorded in Exodus 32, as Moses came down off the mount he discovered that it was a religious leader who led the concert and led Israel into sin. Not much has changed in the intervening 3,500 years.

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