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“Christmas Greetings”
by Art Sadlier   
December 25th, 2016

The greatest moment in all of history was that moment when Christ shed His blood and laid down His life to bear away the sins of the world. The preparation for that tremendous event was birth of the incarnate Son of God in the manger of Bethlehem.

In the name of Christmas the world is walking in darknes and error concerning the birth of Christ. They know not who He is or why He came.

Though we are appalled at the way the world celebrates Christmas, and though we are aware of the pagan influences related to the season, though we know that the word Christmas is not found in the Bible. Though we do not even know what day Christ was actually born, we cannot let that dampen our joy and praise to God for His precious gift. Should we expect the world to understand Christmas and its’ meaning?

Satan and pagan influences have perverted the message of the birth of Christ. Their goal is to twist or silence the message of Bethlehem and Calvary. If we do not rejoice and celebrate the message of Christmas we let Satan close our mouths and we rob the Lord of the praise and glory due His name.

It is worse when those who pretend to be teachers of God's Word are responding to the Devil's distortions by accepting the cultural errors concerning Christmas.

We are compelled to rejoice, to sing and to praise God for sending His Son, the ultimate blessing. Jesus said that if men do not praise God for His Son, the stones would cry out. We dare not fail to sing and praise the Lord on Christmas day, and every day. The thought that Satan and error should rob God of our praise and adoration for sending His Son is unthinkable.

The angel said to the the shepherds, "...Behold I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people." Who is it that wants to mute or distort that message to the world? Who is it that wants the world to be in ignorance of birth of the Saviour? It is the spirit of antichrist that wants to silence the message of the birth of the Saviour. It is the Spirit of God that wants the believer to celebrate and proclaim the glorious message that a Saviour was born and that he died for the sins of all.

In our world today Satan and his followers are desperately trying to stamp the name of Christ out of Christmas. If there are those who would attempt to silence the truth that a Saviour has been born, let not the followers of Christ be numbered with them.

Though we cannot be certain of the actual date of Christ’s birth, yet I believe it would grieve the Father and the Son if we do not rejoice and praise God for sending His precious Son to redeem us. It does not matter to us whether Christ was born on December 25 th or not, let us take any and every opportunity to Praise and Glorify Him. We need to show the world something of what it means to truly love and worship our Saviour 365 days a year.  At the very least we can do this by carrying our Bibles to Church on Christmas day, and each Sunday.

There is another great day foretold in scripture, that day is the day the trumpet will sound and the Body of Christ will rise to the Father’s house to be with Christ forever. What a day that will be. Though we dare not name the day, we are told we can know that it is near at hand, even at the doors.

I have been watching the signs of the times ever since that day in 1948 when the headlines of the Toronto Star read, “A Jewish State is Born.”

In the intervening 68 years the signs of the times have ebbed and flowed. At times the tide seemed to be rising at times it seemed to be ebbing. Today the signs of the times are flooding in upon us and sweeping all before it. Everywhere we look we see the circumstances and events screaming out, “Jesus is coming for His own!”

My wife Ruth and I would like to wish you and your family and friends a blessed Christmas with hearts that are overflowing with the Joy of the Lord. Could it possibly be next year in heaven, or perhaps even this year in heaven? What a Christmas that will be!

We rejoice in the way the Lord has blessed the ministry of Sound the Trumpet. We anticipate His blessing in the days to come.

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