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“Summary of the News”
by Art Sadlier   
December 1st, 2011

Israel - Israeli Minister of Defence Barack has stated that Israel cannot wait for Iran to announce that it has nuclear weapons, as American policy suggests. That would make it too late to carry out an attack. He later stated that Israel has the means to carry out a successful pre-emptive strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities.

For Israel the issue is one of survival. The choice is a major war now or nuclear annihilation later.

Reports are indicting that Israel is repositioning its medium-long range missiles. Reports also indicate that Israel has carried out exercises that would help prepare for biological attacks. It is also reported that Israel is preparing for an attack from Hezbollah and the Lebanese Army.

Iran, Syria and Hezbollah have stated that an attack by Israel on Iran would bring about a major Mideast war.

Egypt – In Egypt the Muslim Brotherhood have won 45% of the vote in the first balloting. The ultra fundamentalist Salafi Muslims have won 20%. This would guarantee a radical Islamic government in Egypt. This will be more pressure on Israel. At a rally in Cairo last week the crowd chanted, “We will kill all Israeli’s.”

Syria – It is virtually certain that Assad will be overthrown. It is reported by Debkafile that Western-Arab military intervention has already begun. Small Western special forces units have begun filtering into Syria to prepare the ground for a major military operation by the US, several more NATO members and Gulf emirates, to captured northern Syria and use it as a beachhead to eventually dominate the rest of the country.

Just as in Libya and Egypt, it seems inevitable that an Islamic fundamentalist government will take over Syria. It is entirely possible that rather than allow Assad to fall and lose control; Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas and Syria will go to war with Israel. The one thing that will unite the Arab world is war with Israel.

The Mideast is teetering on the brink of war, which we believe will be the war of Psalm 83. These are crucial days in the Mideast.


Iran – Iran is in a crisis mode. A covert war has been raging in Iran for some time now. It seems Israel, the US and possibly some Arab states are waging a covert war with Iran in a desperate attempt to prevent Iran’s procurement of nuclear weapons. Last year a major explosion occurred in an Iranian missile storage site. It was evidently a part of this covert war. Some of Iran’s top scientists have been assassinated by hit squads. The stuxnet computer virus has played havoc with Iran’s nuclear program. Two weeks ago a major explosion levelled a 45 square kilometre area and destroyed many missiles and killed the head of the Iranian missile program. Last week an explosion at a nuclear plant caused major damage.

Iran is fearful of an attack on her nuclear facilities. They are apparently preparing the most effective retaliation they can muster. They claim to have 150,000 missiles aimed at Israel. Just about everyone believes a major Mideast war will ensue. In fact it seems the Iranian leaders would welcome a catastrophic war, believing that it would bring about the return of the Islamic saviour, the Mahdi.

The whole Mideast is like a giant pressure cooker, it must blow at some point. When that happens I believe it will trigger the countdown to the Day of the Lord.

What are you living for? Is your life pure and productive? Will you be ashamed when you are caught up to be with Him? Are you sure you are saved? Now is the day of salvation. We are living close to the trumpet call!

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