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“War in the Mideast”
by Art Sadlier   
December 4th, 2011

There seems to be a number of pending scenarios that threaten regional war in the Mideast.

The bringing down of Assad in Syria will seemingly cause war in the area. At the same time it is quite likely that if Assad believes he is going to be removed, it is probable that he will initiate a war to distract attention away from his problem in Syria. The one thing that will unify all Arabs is a war with Israel.

Another scenario that will almost guarantee a Mideast war, is an attack on Iran, no matter who initiates it. In yet another scenario, it is quite possible that Iran and her allies will initiate a pre-emptive strike on Israel.

The Palestinian refusal to negotiate with Israel, in spite of the tremendous concessions, is a tipoff that they intend ultimately to launch a war to eliminate Israel. This has always been their stated purpose from the moment Israel was born in 1948.

Another scenario is the covert war that the US, Israel, and some Arab nations are waging against Iran. They are apparently working with Iranian dissidents. This war has taken a heavy toll on Iran. Several high ranking Iranian scientists and military leaders have been assassinated. A number of unexplained explosions have destroyed a considerable number of Iranian missiles and ammunition dumps.

The stuxnet virus has also destroyed a considerable portion of Iran’s uranium production capacity. Apparently a number of US spy drones are overflying Iran; one was apparently recently shot down. The level of frustration in Iran’s leadership must be reaching the point of exasperation which could lead to war.

Another possible scenario for war is Iran’s ability to close off the straits of Hormuz and cut much of the world’s oil supplies. Such action would bring a response from the US, the EU, and the Saudi’s which would drag Israel into the conflict.

In the longer term, the rise of radical Islamic governments as a result of the Arab Spring is making the possibility of war in the region almost inevitable. It is no longer "if," but "when" the war will come.

Though the US and the EU state that they are supportive of Israel, when it comes to a crisis situation for Israel, you can bet that the world will stand against the Jewish State. The quick destruction of Israel would be acceptable to the world.

There is one who is watching the whole situation, that one is the God of Israel. In spite of Israel’s unbelief and disobedience, God has a purpose for Israel and He will fulfill His promises and His purposes.

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