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“Peace Process Now Officially Over”
by Art Sadlier   
November 13th, 2011

The following news release this week by the Israeli Prime Minister indicates that the peace process in now dead.

 [Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Thursday reiterated that the vast changes sweeping the region obligate Israel to be “very careful, responsible and vigilant” and not do anything to jeopardize its security.
During a joint press conference with visiting Romanian Prime Minister Emil Bloc, Netanyahu echoed a theme he discussed a day earlier in the Knesset. With uncertainty rampant in the region, the prime minister said that this was no time for Israel to rush headlong into a deal with the Palestinians that would entail the withdrawal of territory.]

Another indication that the peace process is dead is the apparent coming unification of Hamas and the Palestinians. Hamas have repeatedly made it clear that they will never negotiate peace with Israel. Though the unification of Hamas and the PA is fraught with difficulties, it seems ultimately inevitable.

That leaves war on the horizon, which is what the real agenda of Israel’s enemies has always been.

The issues between Israel and her Arab enemies can unfortunately only be settled on the battle field. We know how that coming war will turn out, the answer is found in Psalm 83.

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