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“The Broken Record”
by Art Sadlier   
September 18th, 2011

All indications are that we are on the edge of a financial collapse in the EU. The possibility of a default in Greece is growing by the day. If Greece were allowed to default, Portugal, Italy and Spain may not be far behind. One commentator said that if Italy or Spain were to go down, it would wipe out major banks all over the globe. We may be standing on the edge of a world-wide economic tsunami. One recent news item listed 20 signs of imminent financial collapse in Europe.

One blogger concluded, “So now we get to watch a global financial nightmare play out in slow motion.”

We have been told that there has been a natural disaster that has caused at least a billion dollars of damage inside the United States every single month so far this year. We are also told that, “on average, usually there are only about 3 major disasters per year. At this point, disasters are happening inside the United States so frequently that there seems to be no gap between them.” This has been the worst year for natural disasters in U.S. history and at the time of this writing, we still have nearly four months left to go.

Famine is stalking our world; drought in some areas and flooding in others are threatening the world’s food supplies. We believe that these are warnings of what lies ahead for our troubled world.

We have recently been warned again of the threat of WMD being used in terror attacks and the threat of Cyber Warfare along with the warnings of a possible EMP attack that would permanently cripple our whole social order.

At the same time we have earth shaking upheavals in the Mideast. The threat of a major war in the Mideast is growing. Iran is pressing toward nuclear weapons. Turkey has now turned violently anti-Israel and threatening to attack Israeli naval vessels. Turkey seems to be getting ready for the war of Ezekiel 38-39. Egypt is in danger of coming under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood, threatening the peace with Israel.

Hamas in Gaza has apparently purchased huge quantities of Muammar Gaddafi's weapons from the Libyan revolutionaries; many are allegedly weapons of mass destruction.

The Palestinians are attempting to gain at the UN what they could never gain by negotiations: total control of all of the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The Palestinians have no intention of negotiating any concessions to Israel; their goal is the total destruction of Israel. It seems that war will be the final outcome.

Paul said, “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come” (2 Timothy 3:1).

Christ is coming! Judgment is coming! Repent!

Those few who are old enough to remember the 78 RPM records will know about the phrase “like a broken record.” The 78 RPM records turned very fast and the result was that the needle would cut the groove and stay in the same groove and just repeat the same words over and over until the needle was moved by hand.

I know that I sound like a broken record as month after month I repeat the same message. We are in the last days! Judgment is coming! The Lord is at hand! The rapture is near! Christ is coming for the church! The tribulation period is near! No one is more aware than I am of the fact that I sound like a broken record.

My problem is that I cannot change the message.

I think of Noah. His message was a very limited message that could not be changed. For 120 years he said the same few words. There is going to be a flood! Judgment is coming! Repent! After about ten years, I think the message wore a little thin. Think about it, after 120 years he is saying the same few words that he started out with. There is going to be a flood! Judgment is coming! Repent! Noah was like a broken record because there was no other message that mattered.

Judgment is coming! The rapture is near at hand! The tribulation period is about to begin! Repent!



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