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“Israel's Situation Has Never Looked Darker”
by Art Sadlier   
August 28th, 2011

In recent weeks Israel’s situation has greatly deteriorated.

Israel’s closest ally in the region has been Turkey. Turkey has been making the transition from a democratic society to an Islamic society. That transition has exploded in recent days as Turkey has done everything possible to show antagonism to Israel in order to gain acceptance in the Arab world.

Turkey announced that they are totally suspending commercial, military and defence ties with Israel. That was followed by the threat of deliberate provocations by the Turkish Navy in threatening to run Israel’s naval blockade of Gaza.

Turkey is now seeking to enter into an alliance with Egypt. This will greatly embolden Israel’s enemies.

The whole scenario seems to be the preparation of Turkey for the war of Ezekiel 38-39. In fact, Turkey is in the process right now of doubling their army from 500,000 men to one million.

The situation in Egypt has brought about another great danger to Israel. The revolution in Egypt is not about democracy but rather radical Islam’s taking control. That change is turning the focus to a conflict with Israel. The military leaders can only hang on to power for a limited time and the Muslim Brotherhood will come to power. They will be in a position to remove all hindrance to fully arming Hamas and to encourage them to become even more aggressive toward Israel.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is concerned that the Sinai Peninsula will turn into a larger version of the Gaza Strip, full of weapons and launching pads aimed at Israeli territory. Israel is now powerless to prevent this from happening.

In Libya the Arab spring has removed a dictator and replaced him with a former Al Qaida leader who will be radically opposed to Israel. Reports indicate that weapons of mass destruction are being sold by the Libyian rebels to Hamas and Hezbollah.

The change in Libya also seems to be preparation for the war of Ezekiel 38-39.

Whatever happens in Syria will not be good news for Israel. It has been suggested that Assad will go to war with Israel to gain support from the Arab world and take the pressure off his own position. Syria is known to have weapons of mass destruction.

In the background of this entire situation is the fact that Iran is closing in on nuclear weapons to destroy the Jewish State. We can only imagine the intimidation that will take place before they use them.

One factor that changes the situation dramatically is the fact that America has now become a paper tiger and the Arab world is fully aware of it.

The other side of the coin is the diplomatic offensive waged by the Palestinians and their many backers at the UN. The threats that are emerging from that situation are ominous. There is the expected civil war that could break out in Judea and Samaria. This could be a catastrophic situation that could engulf the whole West Bank and Jerusalem in out of control violence.

One suggestion is that Israel could annex much of the West Bank as it did with Jerusalem previously. On the other hand the Palestinians have stated their intention, once they are UN members, to take Israel to the World Court in The Hague in order to remove the Israelis from the West Bank and Jerusalem.

The outbreak of all-out war could be the end result. This would be a war in which a majority of the world’s nations would support the Palestinians.

Israel’s situation seems to hit bottom, only get worse with each passing day.

The most troubling thing is that the majority of Israelis both within Israel and beyond her borders are committed to accepting a secular state in which the Biblical promises of God to Israel have been set aside. In fact a majority ridicule the idea the Biblical promises to Israel. Many want God to help Israel, but to help Israel have a secular state where they will enjoy peace and prosperity without divine interference in their lives.

There has been for some time a growing divide among the people of Israel. There are those who are looking heavenward for the Messiah to come. I believe their hearts are being, even now, prepared for that event. There are those who want a secular society and they are willing to forget about the promises of God.

That is the reason God dispersed them in the first place. He will not allow them to go back to that situation.

Before you despair for Israel, remember that God has a program and a purpose for Israel. Remember how God intervened in Israel's three major wars since 1948. God delivered His people in order to prove His love and intentions toward them. No matter how dark the situation gets, God will ultimately bring His people back to Himself.

Think about it, if the war of Ezekiel 38-39 is looming on the horizon, we know that the rapture is to take place prior to it. If we see the war of Ezekiel 38-39 on the horizon we know that the war of Psalm 83 must be near at hand.

Simultaneous with these events are the amazing events in both the EU and in America. The whole Biblical scenaio is now falling into place. The world is ready for a world economy, a world government, and a great leader to deliver them.

We who are in Christ are going home.  Maranatha!

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