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Morning Meditation
“That Which is Another's - Luke 16:12”
by F.B. Meyer   
November 27th, 2019

Our Lord is speaking of money and its use. 1. He describes money. - It is so associated with unrighteousness that He speaks of it as the unrighteous mammon. It was as though the inveterate money-maker, who will get money at all costs, was an idolater, prostrating himself daily in the temple of the heathen deity who bore that name. In His judgment, also, it is a very little thing (Luke 16:10). We only know how little when we compare it with the immortal qualities of a lowly character. At least, it is not the true riches (Luke 16:11). Moreover, it is not our own-it is dearly another's - God's (Luke 16:12). We have nothing that we have not received.

2. He indicates the main use of money. - It is God's; but He puts it into our hands to watch the use we will make of it, before He entrusts to us the true riches of eternity - just as you will test a child with a toy watch before you dare place in his hands a real one. If he is destructive of the one, you hesitate to hand him the other; whilst if he is careful, you feel able to consign to his care some family heirloom. So God is testing men by giving them money that He may know how far to trust them in the mart of the New Jerusalem.

3. He arouses us to fidelity - Care for God's interests as much as the wasteful and unfaithful steward cared for his own. He used his master's money to secure a welcome to the debtor's houses when he lost his situation. But God has so arranged it, that if you use His money aright, you shall not only win His approbation, but His interests will be so coincident with yours, that when the world fades from view, those whom you have helped for God's sake shall welcome you to heaven.

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