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“Israel's Newest Enemy”
by Art Sadlier   
August 14th, 2011

Until recently Turkey and Israel were closely related. Israel was an important arms supplier to Turkey. The two countries had a military agreement whereby their armies and air forces trained together in joint exercises. This week, the first week of September, all of that has changed.  

Turkey has unofficially declared a diplomatic cold war; Turkey has recalled its ambassador and is threatening to charge Israel in the International Court over the flotilla incident.

Turkey was stung by a United Nations report stating that the Israeli naval blockade on Hamas-controlled Gaza is legal and that the Turkish-based and financed IHH flotilla last year was a “reckless” act. Nine IHH terror activists were killed when they brutally assaulted Israeli Navy commandos who stopped the boat from continuing en route to Gaza.

Turkey has threatened to send its navy to escort ships to Gaza. This would be a defiant act that could provoke war between Turkey and Israel.

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan is planning a visit to Gaza to bolster Hamas and is seeking to improve relationships with Egypt; these are signals of Turkish antipathy toward the Jewish state. There are those who think that the motive behind the Turkish threats and ill-will toward Israel is to enable Turkey to gain credibility in the Islamic world. Turkey is transitioning from a secular state to an Islamic state. Hatred toward Israel is the first requirement for acceptability in the Arab world.

Reports from the US indicate that the threats to Israel are of little concern. The word is that the Turkish navy is no match for the Israeli navy and a confrontation is not going to happen. It has also been revealed that the Turkish economy is in very serious trouble with a credit crunch similar to that of Greece.

What is noticeable is the transition of Turkey from an ally of Israel to an enemy of Israel. This move would seem to be positioning Turkey to play her part in the war of Ezekiel 38-39.

A similar transition is taking place in Libya. It is becoming clear that a militant Islamic fundamentalist government will take power there.

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