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“Nuclear Terror”
October 1st, 2006

Craige McMillan asks a question in relationship to the issues in the coming American elections.

How important will “soak the rich,” “socialize medicine,” and “raise teacher pay” seem when the first low-grade nuke cripples a major American city? With its hospitals flattened and its transportation system destroyed – maybe a few mobile media uplinks will still work. Then we can watch our fellow Americans die of radiation poisoning, thirst, starvation and barbarity.

How will our congressmen, senators, state legislators and big-city mayors respond to the terrorist demands for renunciation of our legal system, the introduction of the sharia law, the subjugation of women and the forced conversion of all religious heretics (i.e. non-Muslims)? If they resist, how many more cities will fall to smuggled nukes before they capitulate?

Large numbers of the self-anointed political and media elite in America believe Islamic terrorism is a “manageable problem” that can be “confined” to conventional explosives in restaurants and shopping malls. They believe that everyone in the world shares their “values” and that when all the “toys” have been redistributed “fairly” the world will have peace.

In this belief they are “poor, blind and naked,” because it is uninformed by a knowledge of religion, history, and humanity. They face an enemy who believes Allah has handed them the keys to the kingdom (that would be the entire world) -- and all that stands in the way of unlocking paradise is America’s military muscle.

The American nuclear “deterrent” – for which we have paid such a high price, both monetarily and morally – rots in its silos while terrorist vermin and rogue states salivate over the first nukes due off the North Korean and Iranian production lines. Neither pandering nor containment has blunted their appetite. – WND

I would add that bombs and bullets will not defeat Islam’s drive for world domination. Only truth, as found in God’s Word, can defeat Islam. Unfortunately the west has long since rejected the truth and is defenseless.

I also ask is the above scenario the explanation as to why America is not found in the Biblical scenario of the tribulation period events?

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