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“The Coming New World Order”
by Art Sadlier   
April 1st, 2008

The Coming New World Order

The current world order is breaking up; it is being shaken to its very foundations. The stage is being set up for a new world order to come on the scene.

The current world financial and monetary system is under tremendous pressure.

The crisis in mortgage backed securities has left the American Banks and Securities firms desperate for capital. Two American Securities firms failed in one weekend.

The crisis is an opportunity for foreign investors to purchase control of American banks and Securities firms. With the price of oil at $110 per barrel, it is reported that the Sovereign Wealth funds in six Persian Gulf countries, including Kuwait, the Arab Emirates and Qatar have amassed 1.7 trillion dollars. They are now in a position to buy into and control major Banks and Securities firms in the US.

The control of American Banks and Securities companies by foreign investors could result in those institutions becoming subject to Sharia law. The ramifications of this are far reaching. America could lose control of America.

There is an incredible transfer of wealth from America to Mid-east oil countries and to China’s industrial manufacturing complex. Any thinking person must realize that there will come a tipping point. This tipping point is fast approaching in many areas. We have learned that there are now more internet users in China than in America.

The signs of America’s decline are everywhere, the fall of the dollar being one indication. The almost certain control of Iran over Iraq and it’s oil, if America withdraws, which seems inevitable if the Democrats win the coming election, would lead to the demise of the Saudi Kingdom, Kuwait and the Arab Emirates.

Referring to the primacy of the US and Europe in the world, French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner told the Herald Tribune that, “the magic is over”.

Newsweek’s Daniel Drezner states:

“America and Europe face political, economic and demographic challenges to their longstanding primacy. This is a delicate moment for a power transition, given the host of emerging global threats: global warming, nuclear proliferation, macroeconomic imbalances, terrorism, the need to reform global governance and so on. The question is can the United States and the European Union continue to exercise leadership on these issues? The answer, at best, is ‘not for long’.

The signals of decline in Western influence are getting hard to ignore. The Center for Transatlantic Relations reports a mixed bag. On the one hand, in 2006 the United States and European Union were responsible for less than 30 percent of the world exports. On the other hand, the two regions accounted for more than 75 percent of outward foreign direct investment.”

The European economy has now surpassed America’s. It is beyond question that a new era is about to break upon us.

The Scripture tells us that in the midst of a world in convulsion, one will arise out of Europe, and with signs and wonders and miracles appear to be the world’s savior. He will seem to have all of the answers.

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