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“The Liberal Media”
by Art Sadlier   
May 22nd, 2011

The liberal media is one of the most powerful forces working in our world today to shape public opinion and to influence the political views of men and women. The media seems to have an agenda that drives its interpretation of daily news and events. Often the news is distorted to promote the liberal agenda.

One of the areas where the liberal media is most active is in its interpretation of the news as it relates to Israel.

We have an example of the deliberate lies of the liberal media in its reporting of Netanyahu’s recent trip to Washington.

A New York Times article stated, “Israelis See Netanyahu Trip as Diplomatic Failure."  By contrast we have an Haaretz headline that stated, “Haaretz poll: Netanyahu’s popularity soaring following Washington trip.”

"A new poll conducted by Dialog, under the supervision of Prof. Camil Fuchs of the Tel Aviv University Statistics Department, showed that 47% of the Israeli public believes Netanyahu's U.S. trip was a success, while only 10% viewed it as a failure." No one seems to care that the Times article is the exact opposite of the truth.

The Times article went on to say, “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel returned from Washington on Wednesday to a nearly unanimous assessment among Israelis that despite his forceful defence of Israel's security interests, hopes were dashed that his visit might advance peace negotiations with the Palestinians.”

This is again a total reversal of the truth. Actually, Israelis generally have no hopes that anything is going to advance peace negotiations with the Palestinians because even though it makes them unhappy they know that the Palestinians don't want to advance peace negotiations. But that theme--the Palestinian leadership doesn't want peace--is not permitted in virtually all of the American mass media.

Notice how the Washington Post reported on Netanyahu’s speech. “Netanyahu says pre-1967 borders are indefensible for Israel, but experts wonder if that’s so.” A simple unsubstantiated addition to the text can twist the message.

“According to a survey of Jewish Israelis published Wednesday by the Geocartographia Institute, 61% oppose the formula of 1967 borders with land swaps as a basis for an agreement with the Palestinians, while only 27% favour it.” But who are they to oppose the unnamed and unknown experts? Public opinion must be shaped by them.

Barry Rubin says, “The fact that for every one expert who says the 1967 borders are just fine and dandy one could find a hundred who say: What, are you crazy? It’s the same tactic the media uses with American Jews.”

Rubin goes on to say, “Do American Jews back Israel? Every poll shows overwhelming support. But to read the mass media you’d think that they don’t, in part because of who gets interviewed and the fact that J street seems to have hired the entire media as its press agent.”

Rubin points out, “People I spoke to who were at the AIPAC meeting feel that Obama got a cool reception; those who heard about it through the media think he was incredibly popular there.”

Today in the aftermath of his speech to Congress Netanyahu is coming under attack. In a subtle way he is being discredited and his stand is being undermined. World opinion, world attitudes, and actions are determined and shaped by the media.

The long term effects of the liberal media’s twisting and distortion of the truth is to shape and mould public opinion in line with their agenda. That is the essence of deception.

The fact is that we are living in days of great deception; that deception permeates almost every area of our society and it has deeply infiltrated that which calls itself the Church of Jesus Christ. I believe that the world is being prepared for the great deceiver who will come upon the world as the world's saviour in a time of great distress. His deception is described in 2 Thessalonians 2:9, "Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders."

He will deceive Christendom, who will, incredibly, believe him to be Jesus Christ. He will deceive Israel who will believe him to be their Messiah and he will deceive Islam who will receive him as their Mahdi.

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