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“Obama's Demands”
by Art Sadlier   
May 15th, 2011

We know from what our Lord said that the last days will be days of deception. Nowhere is this more evident than in the attitude of the US and the EU toward Israel. These leaders of the West are convinced that Israel is the major problem in the Mideast. They are incredibly deceived into believing that the Arab Islamic nations and people really want peace with Israel. They believe that if Israel will only make enough of the right concessions peace and tranquility will flood over the Mideast and the whole world.

 It seems obvious that they also feel that if it doesn’t work out for Israel they are willing to throw Israel under the bus to obtain peace and stability for themselves.

Obama has professed to be concerned for Israel’s peace and security, pretending to be Israel’s friend.  Though he has tried to qualify his peace proposal he has basically said that Israel must surrender to the Palestinian demands. Israel must give up all of Judea and Samaria (the West Bank), the Golan Heights and East Jerusalem. Israel is to do this before negotiatians can begin. Then there can be possible negotiations concerning some of the proposed land swaps (lots of luck, the Palestinians have never yielded to and followed through on even one Israel demand in all the years of negotiations). In addition, when Israel has surrendered to these demands, then they can negotiate the issue of the right of return for 4-5 million of Palestinian descendants and also Palestinian recognition of the Jewish State. The obvious is that if Israel does also not yield on these further demands, there will not be peace, and Israel will have given up their heritage for nothing.

To make these negotiations more absurd, Israel is asked to accept and negotiate with a Hamas/Palestinian unity government. The absurd part is that Hamas has declared that it will never accept Israel and has declared over and over that it is dedicated to the destruction of Israel.

The background to this proposal is a situation in which Israel is facing a major war from her Muslim neighbours. They are arming to the teeth while they speak of and threaten war.

The Arab spring has brought tremendous change which is greatly increasing Israel’s dangerous position. Egypt is in the process of becoming a fundamentalist Muslim state. They have already opened the borders between Egypt and  Gaza allowing the unhindered flow of Iranian arms into Gaza. They are vowing to cancel the Peace Accord with Israel which would threaten Israel with the largest army in the mideast, the Egyptian army.

Hamas and the Palestinians are forming a unity government which will bring Hamas into the West Bank. Hamas missiles would be within easy reach of all of Israel. This would also strengthen the potential for more devastating terror attacks.

In Lebanon, Hezbollah has taken over and this will result in Iran moving onto Israel’s northern border. The Republican Guard of Iran could be deployed in southern Lebanon along with more Iranian missiles.

The situation in Syria has the potential to become even worse than it now is with the possibility of a takeover by Muslim fundamentalists.

Israel’s former ally, Turkey, has suddenly turned against her and is in danger of becoming a radicalized Islamic state.

In the background of these developments, Iran is about to become a nuclear power and ready and able to attempt to carry out her threat to annihilate Israel.

We need to also remember that Israel’s long time defender, America, is growing weaker and is losing influence in the whole Mideast. Israel is also much less certain of the support of the present American administration.

In the middle of this changing scenario Obama is telling Israel to withdraw to indefensible borders. These borders would place Israel on a narrow strip of land at sea level, while the Palestinians would occupy the high ground towering over Israel.

The question is, do the western nations really believe that Israel’s surrender will bring peace and tranquility to the world? Or do they have a much more sinister purpose of throwing Israel under the bus to gain peace?

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