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“Summary of Significant Events”
by Art Sadlier   
April 11th, 2011

In recent days we have seen a tsunami of significant events that signal the nearness of the coming Day of the Lord. These events are so numerous and so significant that I am frustrated at trying to focus on them all. I have decided to just give a summary of the immediate situation. This summary is based on credible news reports and commentaries. All of these news reports are to be found on our website over the last few weeks.

Recently UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon reiterated that the world body expects Israel to immediately surrender to internationally-backed Arab demands that it relinquish all claims to the Jews’ Biblical heartland of Judea and Samaria and half of their ancient capital of Jerusalem. This does not mention the Palestinian demand that millions of Palestinians be allowed to return to Israel’s heartland, the Palestinians have vowed not accept anything less; this will undoubtedly also be supported by the UN. This would mean the certain demise of the state of Israel. In recent days both the US and the EU have demanded that Israel stop building in Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem as a precondition to meeting the Palestinian demands.

In another development, the nations of the world are one by one declaring their acceptance of a Palestinian State on the pre-1967 borders. We are headed for a situation where the whole world demands that Israel surrender to Arab demands. Meanwhile, the Palestinians are preparing to request that the UN declare a Palestinian State on the 1967 borders. The Palestinians are not willing to negotiate because they are demanding Israel's total surrender.

Another very significant event is the declaration by the UN that any state that abuses its people will be subject to military intervention by the UN. That has happened in recent days in Libya and the Ivory Coast. In the Ivory Coast the UN has ruled against the Christian majority and in favour of the Muslim minority, and in the process has ignored the courts and the constitution of the country. In both these countries the UN has interfered in an internal issue, an issue that is the right of a sovereign state to resolve. In far more serious situations the UN has not intervened in countries like Iran or numerous other countries where similar violations have taken place. That sets the stage for UN military intervention in Israel if they refuse to surrender to the Palestinians.

In a news report of Dec. 10, we read, “The Arab League on Sunday announced during a special meeting in Cairo that it plans to press the UN to impose a no-fly zone over Gaza amid an escalation in violence in the area,” AFP reported. Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa said he plans to present the proposal to the UN Security Council, the report said.

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to see where all of this is going.

For some time now the UN has been encroaching on the authority of the sovereign states of the world. This encroachment has come through enterprises such as the World Health Organization, environmental agencies, the World Courts, monetary regulations, education, human rights agendas, etc. Now the big step has been taken as the UN intervenes militarily in the internal affairs of sovereign independent states. The ground work for the coming kingdom of Antichrist continues to be laid.

Another event that underscores the threat to Israel is a recent demonstration in Cairo. Over one million Egyptian protesters in Cairo's Liberation Square have, in a state of rage, demanded that their military rulers abandon Israel and lift the blockade on the besieged Gaza strip. The growing rage of a billion Muslims is focused on destroying Israel. This rage is totally unreasonable and can only be understood in a Biblical context.

Protesters voiced their anger at Tel Aviv by burning the Israeli flag and demanding the Liberation of Palestine, a Press TV correspondent said. The current Egyptian leaders are moving to lift the blockade on Gaza which will allow Iran to deliver to Hamas an unlimited supply of missiles and other military equipment.

War is looming on the near horizon for Israel. During a Joint Political Military Group meeting in November 2009, Israeli intelligence officials told their US counterparts that "Hezbollah was preparing for a long conflict with Israel in which it hopes to launch a massive number of rockets at Israel per day," with plans to send 400-600 rockets and missiles...per day, 100 of which will be aimed at Tel Aviv.

Debkafile has reported, “After nearly two months of rising tension, Israel and Hamas have taken a step toward a full-blown military confrontation.” Debkafile's military and intelligence sources predict that the confrontation which Saturday brought war closer to realization will be unlike any previous Israel-Palestinian showdowns......”

In a report by Barry Rubin he details how the Obama administration has advanced the cause of Iran and the cause of radical Islamic Fundamentalism. He has done this while attempting to defeat the cause of the Arab Nationalist states which have had a moderating effect on the whole Mideast scene. Saudi Arabia is so angry at Obama that they have cancelled 60 billion dollars of military procurement from America. They are sending delegations to China and Russia to establish relationships to fill the void left by America. Rubin details how Obama has lost all credibility in the Mideast.

In another serious situation it is reported, “The accord reached between Saudi King Abdullah and the Bahraini monarch Hamas bin Isa Al Khalifa for the oil island's virtual annexation by Riyadh has so incensed Tehran that armed Iranian-Saudi clashes with the potential for all-out warfare may soon become unavoidable, debkafile's Iranian and Gulf sources estimate. Shiite-ruled Iraq would back Tehran in the first Shiite-Sunni collision to be sparked by the wave of unrest sweeping the Arab world - in contrast to the domestic discord raging in Libya and Yemen.”

Such a war would disrupt the world’s oil supply and bring a serious threat to the economies of the whole world.

Further evidence is found in the news item that says, “Pakistan is prepared to move two army divisions into Saudi Arabia to protect the kingdom in the event of any outbreak of trouble, such as has happened in Bahrain, Yemen, Egypt, Libya and other Middle East and North African nations.” The sources said the decision was reached reluctantly, but it puts Sunni Islam-majority Pakistan alongside other Sunni Muslim partners, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, in a move that apparently is intended to assure that Sunni Islam remains dominant in the Arab world.”
The perception is that the influence of Shiite Islam-dominated Iran is on the rise.

Since the first of this year a significant change in Israel’s situation has taken place. Lebanon has now become a surrogate state of Iran, with the further arming of Hezbollah underway. Egypt has now entered into a positive relationship with Hamas and Iran and is no longer a buffer between Israel and Hamas. Yemen seems about to fall into the hands of Al Qaida and Iran. Israel’s situation has greatly deteriorated in a very short period of time. The Mideast is a powder keg that could explode at any time.

It is my own opinion that Israel is in for a major war in the near future. This will be another war Israel cannot win, at least from a human perspective. I believe Israel will suffer great losses but that God will again intervene to give her significant victory. I believe this victory will re-balance the present situation and cause the Arabs to sue for peace, setting the stage for the false peace treaty.

Even as I say this, I recognize that God is in control and that He doesn’t need me to tell Him what to do. He has a time and a program and He will work it out according to His plan and purpose. Nevertheless we can clearly see the prophetic outline coming into place.

In another prophetic scenario we see, before our very eyes, the rapid disintegration of the American Republic. In a little more than a few months America has been shut out of the Mideast scenario losing all credibility in Arab eyes. American influence around the world is in great decline. America is also standing on the verge of an economic Armageddon. How quickly a great empire can be eliminated. On the diplomatic front President Obama is yielding American sovereignty to the United Nations.

America has no part to play in the end time scenario and is now being removed from the dominant position it has enjoyed for nearly a century.

In the last few months monumental changes have taken place in our world and we expect that this will continue. Now is the time to have your feet firmly planted on the Rock which is Christ Jesus. It may be that we are about to see the whole end time scenario sweep over the unsuspecting world.

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