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“The Woman and the Beast”
by Art Sadlier   
June 1st, 2007

We see a graphic symbol of a coalition which will dominate the world in the first half of the tribulation period (Rev 17:3). We see a woman riding on a beast. Who is this woman? In the book of Revelation there are three women who are symbols of religion.

First in Rev 12:1 the woman is the symbol of Israel (cp Gen 37:9, 10).

Second in Rev 19:7 we see a woman who is the wife (bride) of Christ (the Lamb). This woman is the symbol of the true church of Christ.

Third in Rev 17:3 we see a woman who is called a harlot. A harlot is a woman who is unfaithful to her husband and causes others to be unfaithful. This woman is the symbol of Apostate Christianity. This is Christianity which claims to represent Christ but is unfaithful to Him and to His Word.

Satan has two driving passions (Isaiah 14:13, 14); 1 – to rule over all of creation and 2 – to be worshipped in place of God.

His final attempt to accomplish this in the last days will be made through the Harlot and the Beast, through apostate Christianity and the kingdom of Antichrist, through a world church and a world government. These two entities are now in the formative stages.

A World Government is now being fashioned; the infrastructure is rapidly forming all around us. It will not be fully realized until Antichrist appears, and proceeds to bring it to full fruition.

A World Church is the second entity which is rapidly forming in our world today. It started slowly in the twentieth century and has been gaining momentum until it is now like a snowball plunging downhill. If you honestly examine the broad base of the Ecumenical movement you will find, denial of the Deity of Christ, denial of the Virgin Birth, denial of the efficacy of the shed blood of Christ and denial of the authority of God’s Word. The Ecumenical movement is Apostate and to identify with it is to enter into union with Apostasy.

My heart is grieved to see churches and individuals, who formerly held to sound doctrine, now moving toward Ecumenism. There are a few who are sounding a warning but almost no one is listening.

Two verses which relate to this issue are Matthew 24:4, 5 where Jesus said the great sign of the last days would be religious deception, ecumenism is very deceptive. The second verse is Revelation 18:4 which is spoken to believers involved in the Ecumenical (Harlot) Church during the tribulation period, (this seems incredible and demonstrates the deceptiveness of Ecumenism). The call is “Come out of her my people.”

Dear Brother or Sister in Christ, if you are associated with a church or a group involved in Ecumenism, heed your Lord’s words, “come out of her my people”.

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