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“The Foolishness of some Leaders”
by Art Sadlier   
February 7th, 2011

The Word of God says, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” Paul said, “Hath not God made foolish the wisdom of this world.” Often, as we observe what some of the leaders of this world are saying and doing, we shake our heads at their foolishness. It is small wonder that the problems of nations cannot be solved.

Our attention has been recently drawn to the statements of Hillary Clinton as an example of the foolishness of some of our leaders.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said the Middle East is facing a "perfect storm" of unrest and nations must embrace democratic change. There has never been a true democracy in any Islamic Arab nation and there never will be. Islam hates democracy and is violently opposed to it in any form.

The question then arises, “Is Hillary Clinton possibly ignorant of the clear attitude of Islam to the idea of democracy?” Or, does she understand, but have an ulterior purpose in her foolish statements?

We have some excerpts from an article on the website of, “The American Thinker;” we have clear proof that Muslims are unalterably opposed to democracy.

The following are materials obtained at Islamic centers in the U.S., and this is what the Muslim children are being taught;

1. "The objective of Islamic Jihad is to put an end to the dominance of the un-Islamic systems of government and replace them with Islamic rule, Islam intends to bring about this revolution not in one country or in a few countries but in the entire world. Although initially it is the duty of every member of the Muslim party to work for revolution wherever he lives the final purpose is nothing but a world revolution. Any revolutionary ideology which upholds the good of all mankind, and is not of a mere national unit, cannot limit its horizons to those of any single country or nation."

Book: Come let us change this World, pages 106-107. Author: Sayyid Abul A'la Mawdudi, founder of Jamaat-e-Islami (The Islamic Party), a political party in Pakistan.

2. "If you accept the whole of Islam in your life ... a time will come when Communism will fear for its survival in Moscow, Capitalistic democracy will tremble for its safety in Washington and New York." 

Book: Ibid. page 83. 

3. "Islam requires the earth -- not just a portion, but the whole planet."

Book: Jihad in Islam, page 10. Author: Syed Abul A'la Maududi.

4. "Every Muslim should have the desire for martyrdom in his heart. If he is unable to go into the battlefield, he should certainly have the desire for martyrdom in his heart."

Pamphlet: "40 Hadith on Jihad," page 7. Author: Maulana Abdus Samad Siyal. Published in Pakistan.

5. "It is learnt from this Hadith that physical jihad will continue right till the day of resurrection and will be waged as such in some part or the other of the world."  We do not deny the benefit of waging an academic and intellectual war. However, an intellectual war alone cannot be fought everywhere. There are special places and occasions for it. In short, despite waging a jihad with the tongue, pen, rationale and intellect, the Muslim community cannot be absolved of the duty of waging physical jihad."

Pamphlet: Ibid., pages 21-22.

6. "A martyr will go directly to heaven."

Pamphlet: Ibid., page 59. 

7. "The only reward of those who make war upon Allah and His messenger and strive after corruption in the land, will be that they will be killed."

Booklet: "Duties of the learned to Ignorant Muslims," page 5. Author: Abdul Qadir Oudah (Muslim Brotherhood/Egypt). Published in Pakistan.

8. "Whatever is against Sharia, is unlawful for Muslims, irrespective of any Government which has declared it lawful or has ordered it to be acted upon because the right of legislation for any Government is restricted to the condition that the law framed by it should be in accordance with the Sharia, its fundamentals and legal spirit. Now, if any Government considers it lawful to exceed these prescribed limits, then because of this attitude of the Government, unlawful shall not become of this attitude of the Government, unlawful shall not become lawful and it would not be lawful for any Muslim to act upon or enforce laws against the Sharia. Rather in such a situation it becomes obligatory for every Muslim to refuse to accept those laws and abstain from acting upon them, for it is unconditional for the Muslims to obey the orders of men in power."

Booklet: Ibid., page 34.

9. "Justice demands that tyranny and oppression should not be allowed to work havoc in the world." The Holy Qur'an clearly brings out the fact that Qital (physical Jihad/Fighting) is not an end in itself in Islam, but a means to a higher and nobler end - the welfare of humanity". "The person who raises arms in order to curb tyranny and oppression and to eradicate evil are the blessed souls who fight in the way of Allah."

Pamphlet: Jihad in Islam, page 15. Author: Abdul Hameed Siddiqi (Jemmah Islamiyah). Published in Pakistan.

10. "The Islamic State is that it is an ideological state." The Qur'an and the Sunnah would be the chief sources of the public law of the land."

Pamphlet: "Political Theory of Islam," pages 31 & 33. Author: S. Abul A'la Maududi (Founder of JI terrorist organization).

11. "The Front is everywhere. You have been well aware now of the categorical injunction of the Islamic Shari'ah that whenever an enemy attacks any part of Darul Islam, Jihad for its defence becomes obligatory (Fard) on every Muslim." "Jihad is obligatory on all the Muslims, does not necessarily mean that all of us should take to arms and proceed to the battle-front. Jihad is a very wide term and its connotation is not confined to just the clash of arms only. In fact it denotes the entire war-effort which is made to uphold our cause and win victory over the enemy. Out of the many and varied fronts of war, battlefield is just one of them. Warfare requires total effort and all sections of people-nay, each and every citizen in the rear-must contribute his share, however humble, to strengthen the capability of those fighting on the front line. This duty of doing our best, dedicated to enhance the fighting ability of our soldiers, is too a Jihad. Indeed, every bit of work done, the minutest service rendered, is Jihad. The gallantry and dedication of the armed personnel no doubt is the key to success but next in importance for the successful prosecution of war is the procurement of money, means, and material. Besides, the Qur'an warns us that if a person fails to contribute financially, he in face invites his own doom."

Pamphlet: "Call to Jihad," pages 9-10. Author: Syed Abul A'la Maududi.

12. "Islam wishes to destroy all States and Governments anywhere on the face of the earth which are opposed to the ideology and programme of Islam regardless of the country or the Nation which rules it. Islam requires the earth-not just a portion, but the whole planet. Towards this end, Islam wishes to press into service all forces which can bring about a revolution and a composite term for the use of all these forces is 'Jihad.'"

Pamphlet: "Jihad in Islam," pages 9-10. Author: Syed Abul A'al Maududi.

13. "Slay the disbelievers whenever you find them. The disbelievers should be killed in whatever month or time they are found."

Book: Ma'ariful Qur'an, Vol. 1, page 534.

14. "Islam is a revolutionary ideology and program which seeks to alter the social order of the whole world and rebuild it in conformity with its own tenants and ideals"

Pamphlet: "Jihad in Islam," page 8. Author: Syed Abul A'la Maududi.

15. "Islam wishes to destroy all States and Governments anywhere on the face of the earth which are opposed to the ideology and programme of Islam regardless of the country or the Nation which rules it." 

Pamphlet: Ibid. page 9.

16. "The objective of the Islamic ‘Jihad' is to eliminate the rule of an un-Islamic system and establish in its stead an Islamic system of state rule. Islam does not intend to confine this revolution to a single State or a few Countries; the aim of Islam is to bring about a universal revolution."

Pamphlet: Ibid. page 24.

In the light of the above I relate to you a very troubling quote from Israel Today Magazine, “On Monday, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs legitimized future control of Egypt by radical Islamists when he said the next government in Cairo will have to include “important non-secular actors.”

Of course, the only significant non-secular actor on the Egyptian stage is the Muslim Brotherhood, and it is not only “non-secular,” but is in effect the godfather of Middle East Islamic extremism.

Either men like Obama are ignorant of the basic tenants of Islam or they have a very troublesome agenda.

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