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“Turmoil in the Arab World”
by Art Sadlier   
January 9th, 2011

Israel is the only democracy in the Mideast. Israel is surrounded by 22 hostile Arab Islamic nations. These Arab states that surround Israel are all controlled by despots who care little for their own people. The masses are kept in subjection by those who hold all the wealth, Islam is also a tool to keep them under.

Today the winds of change are blowing. In Tunisia the people have arisen in the streets to overthrow the dictator.  Some in the Arab world are hoping that this will be the start of a new, more promising era.  Arab dictators have good reason to be afraid in light of the ouster of the Tunisian president, political analysts and newspaper columnists in the Arab world said over the weekend.

The riots are now spreading to Egypt and Algeria. We know how quickly these overthrows can happen. We learned today that the wife and son of the Egyptian president have fled to London in fear, leaving behind President Hosni Mubarak, who is reported to have cancer.

If other Arab leaders fall it will probably have a domino effect. Anti government demonstrations have also taken place in Jordan. Analyst Ahmed Lashin said he did not rule out the possibility that the entire Arab world could be engulfed in chaos in wake of the Tunisian “revolution.” He noted that anti-government demonstrations have already taken place in Algeria and Jordan. “The Arabs have been repressed for too long; they are eager for change and are on the verge of an explosion.”

Hamas is encouraging Palestinians in the West Bank to overthrow Mahmoud Abbas in the same fashion.  Hamas has warned that the PA leadership in the West Bank was likely to meet the same fate of Bin Ali. “Mahmoud Abbas and his sons are among the wealthiest Palestinians,” Hamas said on Saturday. “Fatah leaders in the West Bank are very corrupt." All indications are that the residents of the West Bank, who live under a tyrannical regime, are close to toppling the regime there. The people of the West Bank can no longer accept humiliation.”

The possibility for wholesale regime changes in the Mideast, seem likely in the near future. The question is how will this affect Israel? It would seem that radical Islamic groups will likely take control. They would have control of massive oil wealth and use it against Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this week said the violent overthrow of Tunisia’s government effectively highlights why it is a bad idea to rush into recognizing or establishing an independent Palestinian state.

Netanyahu explained that the Palestinian Authority is made up of armed warring factions. Even when the PA regime does manage to instill calm, it is through heavy-handed police-state measures, the very kind of thing that led to the Tunisian rebellion.

“We cannot simply say, ‘We are signing a peace agreement,’ close our eyes and say, ‘We did it,’ because we do not know with any clarity that the peace will indeed be honoured,” said Netanyahu in a public statement.

Netanyahu was expressing the Israeli fear that the people it signs a peace agreement with today may not be in power tomorrow, and could be replaced by people with a totally different agenda.

We have the feeling that the pieces on the chess board are being arranged by the one who will bring the nations into the place of judgment.

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