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“Changes Underway”
by Art Sadlier   
January 1st, 2011

There is one thing that is certain, as we follow Bible end time prophecy, that one thing is change. Just when a scenario seems to be running counter to the prophetic scriptures, change suddenly breaks on the scene.

This last week has seen some signs of great changes.

The first change is the change in Russia's attitude toward Israel. Israel has discovered very significant gas and oil reserves, the largest reserve of gas found in the past ten years. The Russian Prime Minister is to visit Israel in mid January, on the agenda is Russia's participation in the development of Israel's gas and oil reserves. Apparently Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu is ecstatic at the possibly of Russian investment.

It is suspiciously coincidental that Russia has now rejected Arab demands for a state on the 1967 borders. Russia has moved in Israel's direction in a number of areas.

It is also interesting to see how Obama has apparently backed away from many of the Arab demands. The EU, also, has suddenly indicated a softening in support on some Arab demands and is telling the PA to negotiate for an interim agreement with Israel, rather than demanding a state right now. It seems as if both Obama and the EU are worried that Russia may move into the Mideast by helping Israel. So they also are backtracking on Israel. Stay tuned, who knows where the next changes or reversals will come from?

The world is against Israel, but apparently God is not. As well as the major oil find, it has just been reported that Israel's economy is leading the western world in growth.

In yet another amazing development, it is reported that Saudi Arabia has purchased from Pakistan two nuclear weapons along with missiles to launch them. This, supposedly, to counter Iran and to boost their standing in the Arab world, and to counter Iran's growing position in the Arab world.

The world is in a state of flux, perhaps as never seen before. The end time pieces could quickly be moved into place.

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