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“Dark Clouds With A Silver Lining”
June 1st, 2007

These are dark, dangerous days for Israel.  Four fierce and increasingly belligerent enemies are threatening her. Hamas, Hezzbollah, Syria and Iran are talking war and preparing for war. Iran is rushing toward attaining nuclear weapons to annihilate Israel.

To make matters worse, political instability is gripping Israel with Ehud Olmert’s government in danger of falling. Missiles are raining down on Israel daily from the Gaza Strip. The call to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities is growing louder by the day. At this time Israel’s PM Olmert is seemingly willing to make any concession for peace. Just as a peace agreement seems at hand, civil war breaks out between Fatah and Hamas, again delaying a peace treaty. It appears, at least to me, that after decades of attempts to bring about the peace, and after many near misses, the peace will not come until Antichrist appears out of Europe to make a false peace happen. Before this happens the Church will be called away. We are living under the Sound of the Trumpet.

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