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“How the EU Home Office will Reach Into Every Part of Your Life”
December 6th, 2010

In my investigation for this week's Mail on Sunday about the shocking powers of prosecution the EU now has over all of us - I could only include a brief warning about the sinister new committee to be set up under Article 71 of the Lisbon Treaty.

But the committee is so dangerous that it needs more than a brief warning. Here is an example of how this new Committee on Operational Co-operation on Internal Security -- known as COSI -- will be able to reach into every part of your life. Critics say it is the beginning of an EU Home Office. And it is. But it could be even worse than that.

The key lies in the vagueness the treaty gives to COSI's powers. The committee is charged simply with ensuring 'operational co-operation on internal security.' But nowhere does the treaty define 'internal security.'

What the elite running the EU institutions mean when they keep something as vague as that is: 'We intend to make it mean what we want to make it mean. Just sign the contract.'

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