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“Muslims Aiding, Defending Jihad”
by Becky Yeh - OneNewsNow California correspondent   
November 18th, 2010

An expert on Islam says jihad activity is rising in the United States.

A California woman has been arrested for funding and providing personnel for a terrorist group in Somalia. According to The Associated Press, Nima Ali Yusuf of San Diego helped an al-Qaeda militia group carry out murders in Somalia, and aided radicals in forming an Islamic state.

Robert Spencer, director of Jihad Watch, explains that every Muslim is obligated to aid jihad. But even though not all Muslims are able to fight, they can provide finances. "We see this kind of thing happening with Muslims from the West increasingly aiding jihad activity -- because it is, as far as they understand, an Islamic obligation, a religious obligation that they do so," Spencer explains.

Reports show that since 2007, approximately 20 men have left Minnesota to fight for an Islamic militia, though it is unclear if Yusuf is connected to those men. Meanwhile, four individuals have been charged in San Diego for aiding al-Shabab in the last month.

The Islam expert suggests al-Qaeda is focusing on Somalia because countries like Indonesia and Thailand are too distant to implement jihad. "There is a concerted war effort to impose an Islamic state, and so that's been a focus of al-Qaeda activity, also because al-Qaeda is close to Somalia," he notes.

The Jihad Watch director adds that every Muslim must defend Islam if their lands have been attacked. So radicals attribute the presence of troops in Iraq and Afghanistan as a sign of infiltration.

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