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“The Coming Super State”
by Art Sadlier   
November 14th, 2010

Like much of the world, the EU is having serious economic problems. The economic meltdown has hit the European nations badly. The out of control deficits in Greece, Spain and Ireland have placed the Euro under severe strain. Some are questioning the survival of not only the Euro but the EU itself.

A careful reading of the end time prophecies concerning the Revived Roman Empire reveal that Antichrist will appear in a time of crisis and force his agenda on the European nations.

“And the ten horns out of this kingdom are ten kings that shall arise: and another shall rise after them; and he shall be diverse from the first, and he shall subdue three kings.” Daniel 7:24. We are told that ten nations will rise out of the nations of Europe and that the Antichrist will assert his control over them and subdue three of the ten. In the present climate it is conceivable that some nations will collapse economically, and that others could rise to the fore, bringing the number to ten. The number ten will not surface, according to Daniel and John, until the tribulation period begins.

This prophetic scenario suggests a time of trouble in Europe prior to the appearance of the one called the Beast. We are now seeing serious problems in the EU. Some are now questioning the very survival of the EU. There may be more problems on the horizon, even the economic collapse of some nations.

Some are saying that the prophecies of Daniel cannot relate to Europe as the revived Roman Empire because of the problems now surfacing. They are looking in other directions for the fulfilment of Daniel’s prophecies. Some are looking for an Islamic Antichrist. However the present scenario in Europe is exactly what Daniel suggested would take place.

Mr. Van Rompuy the Super President of the EU, is calling for the nations of Europe to give up their sovereignty and become a part of a European Super State. That will be the program of Antichrist when he comes on the scene.

Mr. Van Rompuy appears to be occupying the office Antichrist will hold when he appears. He is also advocating the agenda of the coming Antichrist. I am not saying he is the Antichrist; that would be foolish. We know the body of Christ will not be here when Antichrist is revealed. Nevertheless, the fact is that this appears to be preparation for the Beast to appear. It is later than we may think! Listen for the Trumpet to Sound!

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