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“Hamas [hearts] Obama”
by Israel Today - Ryan Jones   
November 15th, 2010

It has been a rocky love story. Many Palestinians believed that when he was elected president of the US, Barack Obama would swiftly put an end to the “Zionist enterprise.” While things haven’t quite panned out that way, many Palestinians still see Obama as the best hope of eventually bringing the Jewish state to its knees.

Chief among Obama’s hopeful supporters in the region is the Islamic terrorist organization Hamas. From the territory it rules in the Gaza Strip, Hamas sought to express that affection last week with a new line of products declaring Palestinian love for the American leader.

Local newspapers carried front page stories of the new posters, mugs and other paraphenalia all adorned with the slogan “Oh… Abu Hussain - Palestine Loves You!!!”

According to media reports in the region, Abu Hussain (referencing the president’s Arabic middle name) is what Obama is commonly referred to in Gaza.

Israeli and foreign commentators have noted the problem that this phenomenon highlights. Hamas remains openly dedicated to Israel’s eventual destruction. If such a group feels that Obama can help it in that endeavor, it means that the US president either is no friend of Israel, or has so failed to firmly communicate his position that the region’s most vile terrorist organization views him as an ally.

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