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“Saudi Prince Blasts U.S. for Israel Ties”
by Jpost   
October 23rd, 2010

WASHINGTON – Two days after the United States unveiled an arms deal with Saudi Arabia estimated at $60 billion, one of Riyadh’s leading figures blasted the US for not living up to its commitments in the current Israeli-Palestinian negotiations and not doing more to reign in Israel.

“It has failed to curb the brutal Israeli policy of collective punishment, arbitrary arrests and killings,” charged Prince Turki Al Faisal, former Saudi ambassador to the US and director of Saudi intelligence.

He also criticized some American officials for not standing up to Israel, maintaining, “It is these officials who propose that the Netanyahu government should be rewarded for its intransigence rather than sanctioned.”

He said that Riyadh and other Arab countries had agreed to back the current Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations “under the United States negotiated partial colony freeze” – whereby America had pushed Israel to impose a temporary settlement freeze before talks started. That freeze expired on September 26, and Palestinians with the support of the Arab League have been unwilling to continue talks until the freeze is resumed.

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