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“Israeli Lawmaker to Send 'settlement' Dirt to Obama”
by Israel Today   
October 20th, 2010

Rising Likud lawmaker Danny Danon on Monday visiting the northern Jerusalem neighborhood of Pisgat Zeev to strongly oppose the international communities uproar over the building of a few new Jewish homes there.

While in Pisgat Zeev, Danon collected a jar of earth and attached a note citing Psalm 137:5: “If I forget you, O Jerusalem…”

Danon said he plans to send the jar and the note to US President Barack Obama, whom Danon insists is completely biased against Israel.

Danon noted that there is almost not debate in Israel over whether or not neighborhoods such as Pisgat Zeev will remain in Israel’s hands as part of a peace deal with the Palestinians. Polls consistently show that an overwhelming majority of Israelis oppose dividing the city and surrendering its large Jewish neighborhoods.

“Everyone is in agreement, and we’re still not building in them” because of American pressure, said Danon. That fact alone, that the White House today is so totally ignoring Israeli consensus on an issue so important to every Israeli, “shows how much the government in Washington is biased against Israel.”

For those that thought the Jewish building freeze was over, Danon sadly acknowledged that it continues in practice as the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu caves to US demands by making it nearly impossible for contractors to receive approval for new projects.

Yael Antebi, a Jerusalem city councilwoman who accompanied Danon, noted the ludicrous nature of the current rift. She pointed out that Pisgat Zeev is home to tens of thousands of Israeli Jews. It is a very large neighborhood where the construction of a mere 240 new apartments is barely noticeable. And yet, approval for those new housing units has caused the whole of the world’s leadership to wail and gnash their teeth.

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