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“Dark Days for Israel”
by Art Sadlier   
October 17th, 2010

Debkafile reports that Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is seriously weighing a secret plan for bringing a fresh influx of Hamas fighting and intelligence forces into the West Bank at points opposite Israel.

This is taking place while Abbas is claiming that the only obstacle to peace is Israel’s refusal to halt construction in Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Hamas has vowed to never accept peace with Israel and that Israel must be removed from all of Palestine. If Israel were to surrender the West Bank and Jerusalem for a Palestinian State the error of giving up the Gaza would be repeated with far more serious consequences. Iran’s proxies would wage war from Jerusalem and along the entire border of Israel.

The Yesha Council of Jewish Communities in Judea and Samaria has published a new, colourful, 3-D map of Israel, topographically depicting the dangers of a Palestinian state overlooking Tel Aviv. The fact is emphasised that the West Bank is high ground that towers over the present State of Israel. A Palestinian State would give Hamas high ground to attack Israel and to lob missiles down upon her.

The new scenario would be an alliance of Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas and the new PA army, which would be poised on the border of Israel.  Syria would be poised on the border of the Golan Heights.  Israel would be indefensible.

It seems inevitable that Hamas will ultimately overpower and takeover the Palestinian Authority; if not by force then through elections in the West Bank. Hama is now more popular with Palestinians than the Palestinian Authority. Any peace deal would ultimately give strategic ground to Hamas.

In another news report, a Fatah source told Ynet News on Sunday that, following the resumption of settlement construction and the stalemate in the direct negotiations with Israel, many organization activists believe it is time to renew the violent struggle in the form of a "stone intifada."

Does anyone doubt that a surrender of the West Bank to the Palestinians will only result in further struggle and will not bring peace?

With the possible reconciliation and integration of Hamas and the PA it seems that Israel is finally taking a stand on this untenable scenario. The following news clip sheds light on Israel’s reaction.

Debkafile reports: “According to our sources, Hamas representatives, who put the plan to American and European parties in informal contacts, gained the impression that Washington might be brought around to buying it and even lean on the Netanyahu government to accept this formula in return for quiet Palestinian forbearance in the face of limited Israeli construction in the settlements and in Jerusalem.
However, our political sources report that, when word of this evolving scenario reached Jerusalem, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak hit the ceiling. They sent word to Washington that if it went through, Israel would take four steps:

First, break off the two-year old US-sponsored military cooperation with the Palestinian Authority in the war on terror;

Second, redeploy Israeli forces in all the West Bank areas and towns evacuated over that period;

Third, restore the dozens of counter-terror roadblocks and checkpoints removed from West Bank roads as a concession to meet demands for easing Palestinian movement;

Fourth, Israel would use force to keep Hamas armed units and security elements out of the West Bank - even if they were routed through Jordan.

Peace in the Mid-East will not be brought by the Americans; Obama is no closer to peace than now than ever. The scripture tell us that a European leader will bring about the false peace the prophets foretold.

The situation continues to grow darker for Israel, but the future is as bright as the promises of God.

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