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“Mission of the Church in the World!”
by The Corner Stone Challenge - October 2010   
October 7th, 2010

This much needed message was given about 100 years ago by the great Baptist preacher, I. M. Haldeman, Pastor of the First Baptist Church, New York City. Things are clearly much worse today. He said, “The general concept of the mission of the Church in the world is that it is here to make the world better, to lead it to a higher plane of life… The Church is to make the world a better place for the natural man to live in and to make the natural man a better man to live in the world. To this end, the Church and the Christian minister are to engage in all moral and reform movements and join hands with good men everywhere in an effort to purify and stabilize government. I reply that it is wholly unwarranted in the Word of God, and that the very constitution and outlook of the Church repudiates it. The Church is not here to make the world better. On the contrary, it is here to testify the world cannot be made better. The Church bears the same relation to the world that a lifeboat and its crew do to a ship pounding on the rocks. The people in the ship do not appear to be aware of their danger. There is laughter and song and dancing… The men in the lifeboat are putting out. They have but one aim; get the people out of the ship and into the lifeboat. The Church is here to impress upon men two facts: the fact of the soul and the fact of eternity. The Church is to cry in the ears of men, ‘You have a soul. You are a soul! The real life, your soul is invisible and just as eternal as God.’ The Church is here to so move men that each man shall ask himself the question, ‘Where and how shall I spend eternity?’ Eternity! Eternity! Eternity! Thy soul not the body, eternity, not time, :arouse, awake, arouse O sons of men before it is too late. The Church is here to warn men of hell that awaits every soul outside of Christ. The word “hell” has fallen out of theology. It is banished. It is not heard in the pulpit…And yet the sweetest lipped Man whoever spoke, not only uttered it, but invented that ruthless and most jarring of places. And it is this Man that described that most harrowing scene ever presented to mortal gaze, the awakening of the rich man in this place of torment. Luke 16:19-31.
“The faithful minister must tell him that the only basis on which he can build his life for time and eternity is regeneration, the possession of new, the perfect and holy life which the risen Son of God alone can give. What right has any minister of Christ, to talk to the man about being sober, about overcoming the habit of drink in his own strength? What right has the ambassador of Christ to link himself to a movement which is a part of the self-gratulating civilization of the hour, a civilization which, at best, will be swept away? He cannot logically take part in sociological endeavor even though (but mistakenly) it calls itself Christian; for it is a very movement which denies the fundamentals of the Church, based on the idea that there are self-redemptive forces in human nature. The moment he lends himself to such a movement, he becomes a false witness. This is the admonition of the Apostle Paul: ‘Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness?’ The Church is here to warn men, to tell them that however long delayed, the end of ‘man’s day’ is certain. Let the Church in the hour of her opportunity be faithful… not only to invite men to surrender to Him to be saved but to lift up her voice in warning a world that each day is rushing on to judgment.” Ed. How pitiful this voice of warning is not sounded in many “Fundamental” pulpits today. As we said in an earlier message, there are three forbidden words in many a Fundamental Church today. They are SIN, HELL AND REPENTANCE! It will not go well at the Judgment Seat of Christ for those who ignore them! After all, it is God’s message, not our own! If you are not saved, trust Christ today!

From Cornerstone Baptist Church  -  Boston

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