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“The Palestinians do not Want Peace”
by Art Sadlier   
September 5th, 2010

It seems that a fog has settled over the minds of the western world, a blindness that has been given by the Lord as a judgment for disobedience to God`s Word concerning his plan and purpose for Israel. This blindness is reflected in recent headlines.

First we have a news item relating to the Palestinian aims concerning Jerusalem.  “The Palestinian Authority on Sunday reiterated to its own people in Arabic that the ultimate goal in regards to Jerusalem is to wrest control of the entire city from Israel. And once again, the international media ignored the nefarious agenda that the Palestinians themselves admit they have.”

The article goes on to say, “International media and world leader regularly ignore what the Palestinians and other Arabs say in Arabic as it presents an inconvenience to their own ‘peace’ efforts. However, as Israelis often point out, those words in Arabic are laying the foundation for continued conflict even if a peace deal is signed.” The western leaders are either blinded to the reality of the Palestinian intentions or something more sinister is going on.

A second news item demonstrates, even further, the impossibility of a negotiated peace.... "Abbas also said he would walk out of the talks if he is pressured at all to alter the Palestinians' more hardline positions. If they demand concessions on the rights of the refugees or the 1967 borders, I will quit. I can’t allow myself to make even one concession," Abbas told the Palestinian newspaper Al-Ayyam. These demands would certainly mean the end of the Jewish State and the Palestinians fully understand this.Western leaders are also fully aware of this scenario. What is behind their failure to deal with this reality?

In yet another news report the Palestinian intentions are further exposed, “Palestinian Authority incitement continues, as Israel and the PA begin talks. Fatah TV, controlled by PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, says Haifa and other Israeli cities are part of "Palestine," and a Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) envoy expresses hope for the ‘eradication’ of Israel.” The item goes on to say, “Palestinian Authority television continues to educate children that all of Israel is ’Palestine,’ according to program translations provided by the Palestinian Media Watch.”

Another news item makes it plain that there will be no peace under the present circumstances, “Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh said that no one will be obligated to adhere to a potential peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.”  “Any agreement to come out of the current peace talks would be illegitimate because the Palestinian Authority has not been authorized by the Palestinian people to negotiate on their behalf.”

It is obvious that no matter what concessions Israel makes it will only bring further terror attacks and war. Any peace agreement that is signed will only motivate Hamas, Hezbollah, Lebanon, Syria and Iran to intensify the struggle to eliminate Israel.

I am reminded of Genesis 50:20, “But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive.” Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery in Egypt. Their motives were evil but God had a good purpose in the whole situation. Today Satan and his followers are seeking to harm Israel. God is in control and is allowing the whole scenario to unfold. He will ultimately turn it to Israel’s blessing after her chastening. In the meantime western leaders are blinded as they carry out Satan’s purpose to destroy Israel.

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