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“The Coming Cataclysm”
by Art Sadlier   
September 1st, 2010

The following excerpts are from the recent news items warning of a coming cataclysmic war.

Last month, the United Arab Emirates ambassador to Washington said at a conference, "A military attack on Iran by whomever would be a disaster, but Iran with a nuclear weapon would be a bigger disaster." 

“At some point, military leaders in the United States and in Israel will have to decide: Which is more dangerous -- an Iran capable of launching a nuclear weapon? Or an Iran that just got hit with tons of artillery and is out for revenge?”

“Most Middle East analysts and political observers are more than sure that the war between Israel and the West on one side, and Hezbollah, Syria, Hamas and Iran on the other front is inevitable. Its occurrence has become just a matter of time. The Middle East is in the eye of the storm and, apparently, no one can avert the confrontation that has become necessary for the agendas of all parties involved.”

“The International Crisis Group (ICG) gives warnings of a devastating Middle East war. A new Israel-Lebanon conflict is likely to be far more violent, inflict greater damage to civilian and government infrastructure, and lead to the direct embroilment of other regional actors warned a new report released by the ICG.”

The following news items warn of the preparations now underway.

“Gaza Terrorists Digging Tunnels to Infiltrate Israel.”

“Hezbollah reportedly builds tunnel system 'more impressive than Paris underground' to counter IDF strikes; Yemenite Al Qaeda leader tells followers to prepare for Israel-Iran war. The report also claimed Hezbollah created an underground system of weapon caches, and that additional warehouses were dispersed in different locations above ground, so they are not damaged by IDF attacks, as was the case during the Second Lebanon War.”

“TEHRAN — Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi said on Tuesday that Iran will unveil next week an array of weapons, including missiles, speedboats and a long range drone, the ISNA news agency reported. Two missiles, Qiam (Rising) and the third generation Fateh 110 (Conqueror) would be tested next week. Iran will also unveil the long-range drone, Karar, he said using the nickname of revered Shiite Imam Ali.

Also on August 8, Iran took delivery of four new mini-submarines of the home-produced Ghadir class. Weighing 120 tons, the ‘stealth’ submarines are aimed at operations in shallow waters, notably in the Gulf.”

“Retired US General Paul Valley, who has been following the Mideast situation closely, has recently revealed some troubling information. He said that conflicts this summer may drastically change our world. He went on to warn of the imminent danger of chemical attacks against Israel. Today the whole scenario has changed drastically. These new missiles have longer range, better guidance systems, and can carry much heavier payloads that can devastate. They are also capable of carrying chemical weapons. I believe Israel is fully aware of this threat, recently they have issued gas masks to the general population.”

Meanwhile Israel is preparing for the worst.

“Jerusalem railway station, Haifa's Carmel Tunnels and Habima parking lot in Tel Aviv among places slated to protect thousands from chemical or biological attack. The State of Israel is preparing to build additional large underground spaces which would be able to absorb tens of thousands of people and protect them from non-conventional weapons for a long period of time, Major-General Ronny Seri, head of the Home Front Command's fortification department told Yedioth Ahronoth on Tuesday.”

When we place the Bible alongside the Daily News we can see the prophecies given 2000 to 3000 years ago being fulfilled before our eyes. Fulfilled prophecy proves beyond any possibility of a doubt that God is the Sovereign Lord of the universe and that the Bible is His Word.

I believe we are on the threshold of the war foretold in Psalm 83; Isaiah 17; and Ezekiel 35-36. These scriptures describe this war as a cataclysmic event. God will again miraculously deliver Israel. It seems to me that this war will be the precursor of the Peace Treaty that will lead into the great tribulation period.   Art Sadlier

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