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“Jewish Families Nearly Lynched in Palestinian Town”
by Israel Today   
August 30th, 2010

Two Israeli Jewish families made the horrible error of accidentally driving into a Palestinian Arab town on Saturday, and nearly paid for it with their lives.

The families, driving in two separate cars, were returning from a bar mitzvah party when they took a wrong turn on the highway that enters Jerusalem from the north and instead headed into the Ramallah suburb of Qalandiya.

The drivers very quickly realized their error and tried to turn around, but by that time local Palestinians had noticed that Israeli Jews had dared to come into their midst and began pelting the cars with stones. In addition to the two couples, there were five children in the cars ranging in age from six-year-old to just 11-months-old.

Needless to say, both the parents and children were in a state of intense fear and panic.

"We already said our last prayers," one of the parents told Israel's Ynet news portal. "They had giant rocks and murder in their eyes. It's not fear, it's crazed horror one cannot imagine. I was afraid they'd yank the kids out of the car."

The drivers knew they had to remain in motion or risk having their families dragged from the vehicles and lynched. But even their constant motion didn't prevent the vehicles from being terribly battered. The drivers of one of the vehicles also failed to lock his doors quickly enough, and several local Arabs reportedly climbed inside the car in an attempt to grab family members.

One of the mothers said her children were saved by their decision to drop them to the floor. Moments later, a large stone smashed through the back window and landed on the 11-month-old child's seat.

The murderous affair finally came to an end when a Palestinian gas station worker offered to help the families and spoke on the phone with Israeli army officers to let them know where the victims were located exactly.

The incident was yet another example of why any agreement signed between Israel and the Palestinians is not going to be a genuine peace because the Palestinian Authority has chosen to do the opposite of educate its population for peaceful coexistence

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