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“Gaza Terrorists Digging Tunnels to Infiltrate Israel”
by Arutz Sheva Staff   
August 20th, 2010

Gaza Tunnels Lead to Israel One of the tunnels destroyed in the Israeli Air Force strike over the Gaza Strip on Tuesday night was an underground tunnel starting in the center of the strip and ending opposite Israel's Kibbbutz Be'eri that faces northern Gaza.  It was intended for use as a means for terrorists to infiltrate Israel, an army source told the INN Hebrew site, Arutz Sheva.

The source reported that this is concrete proof that terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip are engaged non stop in plans to attack or kidnap Israeli soldiers and civilians or to perpetrate suicide attacks. They noted that Gilad Shalit was kidnapped when terrorists emerged from a tunnel they had dug near the Kerem Shalom crossing and attacked his tank, killing two of its crew and overpowering him.

Two tunnels bringing weaponry from Egypt to Gaza near Kerem Shalom were also destroyed in the IAF raid, as well as an arms manufacturing installation in the central part of the strip, located opposite Kibbutz Kissufim

The IAF used F-161, nicknamed"Sufa" (Storm), fighter planes in the raids on Gaza. Exactly a year ago, on August 3, 2009, the F-161 were also used in attacking tunnels. The "Sufa" fighter planes, manufactured by Lockheed Martin but equipped according to IAF specifications with Israeli developed advanced systems such as Israel Aircraft Industries' enlarged fuel tanks (CFT), helmet mounted information displaying goggles and advanced warfare and communications systems, also played a significant role in the Cast Lead Operation launched in December 2008 in response to rocket launching from Gaza.

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