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“Arab League Tries to 'Out' Israeli Nukes”
by Israel Today   
August 16th, 2010

The Arab League has intensified its efforts to force Israel to allow nuclear inspections by approaching Israel's allies, including the US, and seeking backing for a resolution to be presented at an upcoming meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

American and European diplomats confirmed to the Associated Press at the weekend that they had been approached by the Arab League and asked to support a motion that would end Israel's nuclear secrecy.

Earlier in the month, US President Barack Obama warned the Arab League and other Muslim nations not to use the IAEA meeting in September as a forum to pressure Israel. Obama said that doing so would kill talks on a nuclear-free Middle East, including a planned summit for 2012.

Israelis were frustrated in May when Obama backed a resolution passed by the UN Non-Proliferation Treaty conference calling for a major summit in 2012 that would enforce decisions aimed at creating a nuclear-free zone in the Middle East. That summit, if it takes place, is almost certain to focus on lifting the veil on Israel's nuclear program and forcing the Jewish state to give up any nuclear arms it may possess.

The overall effort by the Arab League and other Muslim nations is seen in Israel as a ploy to divert attention from Iran and turn Israel into the Middle East's true "nuclear bad guy."

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