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“Revelation 4:8 - 11 - Exploring Revelation”
by Art Sadlier   
June 18th, 2020

Last week in Revelation 4:7, we were introduced to the four beasts or living ones who were around the throne. We learned that because thet were dwelling in the presence of Christ as Chreubim, they reflected the characteer of Christ, See Veerse :7.

The first duty of the Cherubim was to guard the Holiness of God. Note, in verse:8, we discover another occupation of the four living ones. "And they rest not day and night, saying Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty, which was, and is to come." Compare this with Isa. 6:1-3.

Notice that in Isaiah 6:, they are Seraphim who ascfibe Holiness and Authority to God, praising and glorifying God.

When we come to verse :10, it is as if the four living ones have given the signal. The 24 Elders (the church) join in the chorus of praise and adoration. What a picture of worship. We will worship this God who loved us and sent His Son to deliver us from Sin and Hell. We worship God the Son who left Heaven's Glory to come down to a rebellious sin-cursed world. The one who came all the way down to Calvary, all the way down to the Tomb.

Our occupation in this age here on earth is highlighted by our gathering around the Lord's Table, and to be together around the throne and sing His praises.

In verse :8, we see the Four Living Ones singing Holy, Holy, Holy. In verse :10 the Elders (The Church) fall down before the Throne and sing: "Thou art worthy O Lord." But, we will praise God for something else, vs.:11, "For Thou hast created all things."

We will not only worship the Father, we will praise the Savior and we will praise Him as the Creator. We will have a right perspective of God.

"And for thy pleasure they are, and were, created." Unregenerate man thinks he was created for his own pleasure. It is not until God is at the centre of our lives that we can truly worship Him.

"For Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honor, and power." What a contrast in this Book of Revelation. The enemies of Christ on earth are raging against God, and Divine Judgment is about to be poured out on them. At the same time,the servants of God are in Heaven extolling and praising God as the blessings of God are about to be poured out on them.

Notice in verse :10 "The four and twenty Elders (the church) ----cast their crowns before the throne." It does not say whether they leave their crowns there or if (as I susect) this refers to an act whereby thety acknowledgethe one who enabled them to attain the crowns and then were instructed to keep the crowns.

Whatever the case, these reresentatives of believers during the Church Age are acknowlegeing that the rewards they have received are by the grace of God. This is an admission that the believers themselves merit nothing. Only those works which have been accomplished by Him and through Him will be rewarded.

When we really see God as He is, we will see ourselves as we really are.

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