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“Crossing Over Jordan”
by A.W. Tozer - (1897-1963)   
July 25th, 2010

The prophets and the psalmists of the Old Testament wrestled as we do with the problem of evil in a divine
universe but their approach to God and nature was much more direct than ours. They did not interpose between
God and His world that opaque web we moderns call the "laws of nature." They could see God in a whirlwind
and hear Him in a storm and they did not hesitate to say so! There was about their lives an immediate
apprehension of the divine. Everything in heaven and on earth assured them that this is God's world and that
He rules over all. I heard a Methodist bishop tell of being called to the bedside of an elderly dying woman in his
early ministry. He said he was frightened; but the old saint was radiantly happy. When he tried to express the
sorrow he felt about her illness, she would not hear it. "Why, God bless you young man," she said cheerfully,
"there is nothing to be scared about. I am just going to cross over Jordan, where my Father owns the land on
both sides of the river!" She understood about the unity of all things in God's creation.

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