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“Created for God's Glory”
by A.W. Tozer - (1897-1963)   
July 4th, 2010

Philosophers have noted the vast difference between men and beasts and have tried to find that difference in
one or another distinguishing characteristic. They have said, for instance, that man is the thinking animal, or
that he is the laughing animal, or that he is the only animal with a conscience. The one mark, however, which
forever distinguishes man from all other forms of life on earth is that he is a worshiper; he has a bent toward
and a capacity for worship. Apart from his position as a worshiper of God, man has no sure key to his own
being; he is but a higher animal, being born much as any other animal, going through the cycle of his life here
on earth and dying at last without knowing what the whole thing is about. If that is all for him, if he has no more
reason than the beast for living, then it is an odd thing indeed that he is the only one of the animals that worries
about himself, that wonders, that asks questions of the universe. The very fact that he does these things tells
the wise man that somewhere there is One to whom he owes allegiance, One before whom he should kneel and
do homage. The Christian revelation tells us that that One is God the Father Almighty, maker of heaven and
earth, who is to be worshiped in the Spirit in the name of Jesus Christ Our Lord. That is enough for us. Without
trying to reason it out we may proceed from there. All our doubts we meet with faith?s wondering affirmation:
?O Lord God, thou knowest,? an utterance which Samuel Taylor Coleridge declared to be the profoundest in
human speech.

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