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“What is New Evangelicalism?”
by A Sadlier   
March 1st, 2008

The man who first used the term and founded New Evangelicalism defines it for us.

Dr. Harold Ocenga said, “New evangelicalism was born in 1948 in connection with a convocation address which I gave in the Civic Auditorium in Pasadena. While reaffirming the theological view of fundamentalism, this address repudiated its ecclesiology and its social theory. The ringing call for a repudiation of separatism and the summons to social involvement received a hearty response from many evangelicals … It differed from fundamentalism in its repudiation of separation and its determination to engage itself in the theological dialogue of the day.”

New Evangelicalism declares itself to be different from fundamentalism in three basic ways.

1 - It repudiates separatism. This contradicts the clear teaching of God’s Word.

2 - It is committed to the social gospel. This is a serious difference with the Apostles doctrine.

3 - It is committed to dialoguing with liberals. This now includes both Catholics and Muslims.

In a New Evangelical church you will hear teaching from the Bible, but it is coming from an entirely different perspective than the message from the pulpit of the fundamentalist. One has strange fire and one is faithful to the Word of God.

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