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Morning Meditation
“Every One Over Against His House. Nehemiah 3:28”
by F. B. Meyer   
April 22nd, 2020

THIS is the way to deal with the evil of this world. We are all fonder of starting schemes, forming committees, and discussing methods of work, than in setting definitely to work for ourselves. There is a lack of definiteness, and we hardly know where to begin. But this verse suggests that every one should begin over against his own house. Try and make your own neighborhood a little more like what God would have it. It may be that you have gone too far afield in search of work; you are applying to the Foreign Missionary Society, or are waiting for a sphere of service; yet, all the time, there is that wretched neighborhood, like a piece of ruined wall before you. Arise and repair it!

Meshullam repaired over against his chamber (ver. 30). Perhaps he was not rich enough to have a whole house; he lived in a single room, but he discovered that there was a little bit of the wall just opposite his window, which would not be built unless he set to it. Is not that a hint for college students, and for those who live in flats, or industrial dwellings?

The best way is not immediately to begin giving tracts, good though that is in its place. Ask God to give you an opportunity of showing kindness to your neighbors, so that they get to understand and trust you; and wait upon God until the answer comes ‑‑ until He shall show you what step He would have you take next. This is the foundation of your bit of wall. Then plod on step-by-step, tier-by-tier. God will show you how. You may be unpracticed in wall‑building; but He is the Architect and Builder, and you are but a bricklayer's laborer at the best. Do as He tells you.

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