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“Three Mid-East Peace Plans”
December 1st, 2006

1. George Bush had a peace plan. His plan was to spread democracy throughout the mid-east starting with Iraq. If the masses of deprived peoples had a taste of democratic freedom and prosperity, democracy would sweep throughout the whole region with an ensuing desire for peace to enjoy their new life. It didn’t work.

2. The Coming World Dictator (Antichrist) will bring a false peace. His peace plan will promise Israel, Islam and the world peace and safety. It will be a seven year plan that will deceive the world and quickly turn disastrous.

3. God has a peace plan for Israel and the world. That wonderful permanent peace will be preceded by a false peace and a time of judgment upon Israel and the nations. (Jeremiah 30:7 & Matthew 24:21, 22). Then the Prince of Peace will come and rule and reign on the throne of David.

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