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“The spectre of famine”
by Art Sadlier   
April 27th, 2008

The food crisis is now affecting many countries across the world. Millions of people in dozens of countries are unable to afford the food they need, and malnutrition is on the rise. From Egypt to Indonesia, Hati to Thailand, and acrossany countries in sub-Saharan Africa, increasingly vociferous public protests over food prices or shortages have exploded; some governments even fear for their survival.

Jesus warned of famines in Mt. 24:7. Famines that would occur in the last days prior to His return. In Rev. 6:6, John tells us of famines during the early tribulation period, "A measure of wheat for a penny," During our Lord's days on earth a penny was a days wage and a measure of wheat was barely enough to to feed a family, this would leave nothing to take care of other expenses.

In verse 8: this is applied to the words, "to kill....with hunger." Notice the extent of this famine in the words, "the fourth part of the earth." At todays population rate that would equal 1.7 billion people.

Jesus rebuked the scribes and pharisees, they could look at the skies and forcast the weather, but they could not read the prophets and recognize the signs of His first coming.

Paul tells us that we as believers can recognize the signs of the times, and know when the Lord's second coming is near at hand. 1 Thess. 5:4 See also Mt. 24:32-33

Let us so live that we will not be ashamed at His coming.

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